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Wowza Transcoding Hypothetical Benchmark

Hi Guys

I am investigating a transcoding solution and would like some educated input please.

I am looking at buying a server with the following specifications:

Chassis and board (dual 10gbit nics)

2x Xeon E5 2660 v4 (14Core processors) Link to specs here

192GB ram or 256GB DDR4 2400 RAM

2x PNY Quadro P4000 Nvidia cards

Datacentre supports 10gbit uplinks

Now based on existing Wowza Trans-rating benchmarks I am under the impression that I might well be able to ingest up to 100 1080p streams and trans-rate these into 4 different bitrates each.

However, I need confirmation from the community (and Wowza specialists alike please) if this is indeed the case? Normally I would go with a Wowza Cloud solution but geographically speaking it doesnt make sense, hence the need to investigate self provisioning.

RAM will be more than adequate.

Not sure you will do 100 streams with that CPU. We have a comparable CPU but no NVidia and just about manage 9 streams transcoded into 4 streams each (total 9x4 = 36 streams).

How many clients on each stream, and how many different streaming types (HLS, RTMP, DASH, etc??)

Hi Stuart

What CPU are you running? Based on some rough comparisons on the CPU utilisation in the Wowza benchmarks, offloading encoding to a GPU relieves orders of magnitude worth of CPU processing because of the capabilities of the cards.

We are looking at a 1:1 ration of ingest to client and 3-4 streams out per incoming stream. We will mainly do RTMP in and HLS out via our HLS.js player.


We have 16 cores of E5-2699 processor, but no GPU, so I expect you will fare much better than us, I guess it depends on the limitations of the GPU you have as to how many streams. From what you’ve said about users, I don’t think you’ll have any network limitations.