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wowza using ffmpeg, HTML5 player with HLS/DASH

Hello everyone. Please can you tell me if it is possible to use Wowza stream with HTML5 players using HLS/DASH protocols? If yes, what it will require?

Thanks for all response and support!


Hello Andrej,

Yes it is possible to play Wowza streams in HTML5 players. Examples include our own Wowza Player and JWPlayer, and there other undoubtedly others. It is also possible to embed Wowza streams within the HTML5



Hello Paul and thanks for answer,

it is possible I asked wrongly. If it is possible, how I ensure live streaming for videos by using ffmpeg and HTML5 player using HLS and/or DASH?

And if I want to use them both (HLS/DASH), how the system determine which of them is supported on the end device?

Thanks again,