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Wowza Video REST API Error ERR-422-NoWrappingKey


I’m using v1.9 of the REST API for Wowza Video.

I’m trying to set the audio codec and bitrate on a transcoder output using a HTTP PATCH as described in the the target url I’m using is

The API response is always "ERR-422-NoWrappingKey - The JSON data you tried to push isn’t wrapped in a root key."

However the JSON I’m sending is:

As you can see the JSON is correct.

Furthermore I am able to use a HTTP PATCH to update properties on a live stream and I can successfully retrieve data about live streams, transcoders, etc. So as far as I can see the HTTP Authorization Token and content type are being set correctly.

Is there something obvious I’ve missed?

Many thanks


Please open a support ticket at the below link for a Wowza Support Engineer to further dig into this 422 error:

Within the support ticket, we’ll need the full REST API call (minus your JWT token) you’re making and the full returned response.