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Wowza Video schedule start delay


I’ve tested the schedules in Wowza Video and noticed the startup delay can be higher than 2 minutes. Is this because of the scheduler or is it the transcoder warm up? would it be better if I’m using REST API to manually start it?

Thanks in advance


Deployment can take longer when data centers are busy. Typically it’s less than 20 seconds. As a best practice, consider starting the transcoder several minutes before the critical event start time. Using the REST API will not speed this up. Try using a Stream Source with your transcoder, which is known to dramatically improve startup times.

Control a transcoder with a Wowza stream source in Wowza Video -

Thanks for your answer. In this case I’m using mp4 static files as video source.
The problem is, I’m asked to deliver simultaneously 9 streams. I can schedule them, but they need to start at the hour.

Take a look at this:

Advanced > Transcoders > [Transcoder] > Properties

When the transcoder is set to stream a file (this is important; the properties aren’t visible when set for live encoder sources), you will see these properties:

  • Play source file on a loop
  • Start source file at specified time

Setting a specific start time is separate from the scheduled transcoder start time. Simply start the transcoder 5-10 minutes before the official start time. The transcoder will make a precision start of the file. Should solve your issue.

Thanks a lot. I didn’t use that feature since the client was ok with the start delay, but I keep that in mind!


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