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Wowza video stream to Megaseg radio stream audio only (compatibility)

I’m trying to find a way to make these connect, but Megaseg use only mp3 m3u and pls codec on the other end.

is there any way around this other den OBS studio Software.

Megaseg get url from wowza but no audio (basically what is happening)

It looks like you want Megaseg to deliver content to Wowza Streaming Engine and have players connect to Wowza Streaming Engine. Am I correct, or do you want to have Wowza Streaming Engine as a source for Megaseg to connect to?

A few questions.

1) What audio and video codecs does Megaseg support for input and output?

2) What protocols does Megaseg support for input and output?

3) What does your workflow look like? Is Wowza Streaming Engine going to provide the live stream to Megaseg? Is Megaseg going to provide the live stream to Wowza Streaming Engine?

4) You mention that you get video but no audio. What player or players are you testing with?

Im sorry about the lack of informasjon on my part, im new to to this company and only been here for almost 3 months and it’s Wowza linux.

It got a heavy scriptet webpage and some scripts for Wowza to work automatic without the presence of any IT guys.

An incomplete documentation of wowza and network makes a steep learning curve to learn.

  1. where i work has video streaming and internet radio all in wirecast and Wowza.

  2. The other company (radio station) is using megaseg program.

  3. Megaseg seem to be different from the Wowza/Wirecast combo in both codecs and function.

  4. We promote each other over radio.

The problem - when we sendt him url for channel 1 (live stream) from Wowza he gets no audio (and no video?), there sounds like a missmatch of codec.

He asked for a ip for the live stream or have a url audio stream either in MP3 / M3U / PLS.

I noticed under Transcoder in Wowza properties there is something about shoutcastMP3GroupCount and i dont know what it does or if it could help me on my end. In case something similar happening in the future.

I’m trying to look for a solution since this may happen again.