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Wowza WebRTC Microsoft Edge Support


I setup WebRTC configuration following instructions from, and I’m running wowza version 4.7.7.

I’m able to publish and play using chrome and Mozilla Firefox; however, I’m unable to publish or play using Microsoft edge. If I try either play or publish, I get the following error:

“SCRIPT12030: SCRIPT12030: WebSocket Error: Network Error 12030, The connection with the server was terminated abnormally.”

and publish or play never starts.

Please, I would like to know if there is wowza webrtc support for Microsoft edge browser. According to these posts, it was not supported up to August 24 2017.

If it’s supported, I need help finding a solution for this error.

Thank You.

@Jason Tuchler

We only offer WebRTC support at this time in Chrome and Firefox @tania kosi.

With Wowza Streaming Engine, you can ingest and play WebRTC streams with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers on desktops. At this time, we don’t support ingest or playback of WebRTC streams on mobile platforms or in a live repeater (origin/edge) configuration.

Hello Rose,

Are you supporting WebRTC with MS Edge at this moment?

If not, is there another protocol to play live streams on MS Edge.

Thank you,


For WebRTC being used, we support Chrome/Firefox/Safari (limited). No support at this time for Microsoft Edge with WebRTC.

We do provide Edge support for Wowza Player HLS playback.