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WOWZA webrtc server edge Stream wating

When I used Wowza Webrtc Edge Server and Webrtc Edge Server to get stream playback to Origin Server, I opened the video for the first time, failed to play, refreshed the page, and then could play it normally the second time. The log is as follows:

LiveMediaStreamReceiver.connect:SSL:false url:wowz://xx.xx.xx.150:1935/liveorigin/definst/
WARN 200WebRTCCommands.getOffer[liveedge/definst/]: STATUS_WAITING_FOR_STREAM_DATA: wowz://xx.xx.xx.150:1935/liveorigin/definst/
INFO 200 - WebSocketSession.destroy[1206273983]: source:client status:-1 description:Unknown
INFO 200 - LiveReceiver.init[liveedge/definst/wowz://xx.xx.xx.150:1935/liveorigin/definst/]: sortPackets:false flushInterval:25 onFlushNotifyClients:true sendSetDataFrame:false sendUpdatedOnMetaData:false audioLag:0 videoLag:
INFO 200 - WebSocketSession.create

From a similar post and I’m not sure if this helps you or not…

“the Origin/Edge configuration of Wowza Streaming Engine does not support WebRTC.”

  • To send a WebRTC stream from Wowza Streaming Engine to a Wowza CDN endpoint, you must transcode it to RTMP or Apple HLS. Which protocol you should use depends on how you configure the Wowza CDN endpoint.

Our current problem has nothing to do with Wowza CDN, mainly two Wowza Stream Engine, one as Live Origin Server, one as Live Edge Server, and we actually tested that Live Edge Server supports Web RTC.
The log information we currently see is the log information output by Live Edge Server. There is no Wowza CDN interaction in our project, only Wowza Stream Engine.