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Wowza webRTC - signaling without internet access

Hi all. I am trying to set up Wowza ingesting a non-WebRTC source, and outputting WebRTC - in an environment that is locked off from the internet. I have the default flow with internet access working with a streamlock certificate.I realize there are 2 pieces to this puzzle. 1 - the SSL certificate and 2 - the signaling sever.

I own a wildcard certificate that can be used with a modification to the host file, and added to Wowza’s HTTPWebRTCExchangeSessionInfo. However, I am unsure how replicating the functionality of the signaling server would work since theoretically neither my server or client can connect to wss://

What’s the best way to achieve this using WSE?

Great question @Uvin Withana: If you have a cert - and hosts file edited, then the cert will work - even in a closed environment. You can submit a support ticket if you’d like an engineer to walk you through the setup.