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Wowza WebRTC without audio

I’m trying to use WebRTC to stream a video AND AUDIO through the browser. Actually, I’m using the Wowza dev tools accessible on those links:

Base URL:

dev-view-publish -> Used to do the streaming.
dev-view-play -> Used to test the stream and play it.

In those tools everything works fine, I can get both audio and video in the dev-view-play. The problem happens only when I try to use the Wowza stream link: to play in another player (tests done in Clappr).

In this scenario, the player only gets the video stream WITHOUT THE AUDIO. This problem seems to be very popular since there are a lot of questions in this fórum about this problem.

To finish this post I’ll show a picture taken in the console of chrome to prove that the stream from Wowza is sending only the video:


As you can see there’s only the video stream… My question is: Is there a way to really stream to Wowza through WebRTC without losing audio?

Well, I’ve watched this video: and now I can get the correct output from Wowza Streaming Engine.

In fact the incomming stream needs to be transcoded, basically the audio codec must be changed to AAC that is the audio codec used in HLS streaming. In this video the host show us how to do this with the Transcoder tool in Wowza Streaming Engine.

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Yes that’s correct the webrtc workflow does require some audio transcoding as far as Opus and AAC. Glad you got it figured out and that our video made a difference. WebRTC uses Opus as the audio codec.

When ingesting WebRTC streams that you want to deliver to many viewers, we recommend that you use the Transcoder feature in Wowza Streaming Engine to transcode the WebRTC stream (both audio and video) into any standard output format, such as AAC audio with H.264 video, for best results.

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Rose, do you know if it’s possible to use AAC directly in WebRTC so that Wowza won’t need to do the transcode?

Seems that the answer is no x.x.