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Good day!

2 years ago I made and compilied module based on ModuleLiveStreamRecordAutoRecord with little changes to specify destination folder, like:


String path=“D:/video”;

recorder.startRecordingSegmentBySchedule(stream, path, null, “* * * * * *”);


Put ModuleLiveStreamRecordAutoRecord.jar at {installFolder}/lib

And add to Application.xml:






It works fine for 2 years. Today I connected new storage and want to write video there. Created new module with changes:


String path=“F:/video”;

recorder.startRecordingSegmentBySchedule(stream, path, null, “* * * * * *”);


Compiled to .jar and replaced old {installFolder}/lib/ModuleLiveStreamRecordAutoRecord.jar with new module

But after restart Wowza still writes to “D:/video”. Then I totally deleted module from {installFolder}/lib, but Wowza still writes to “D:/video” although module does not exists. I suggest my module cashed somewhere. How can I force Wowza to use new module?

I stopped Wowza, made changes, started Wowza. Rebooted server, nothing helps.

WSE4.1.0 on Win7x64

Is your project in eclipse referencing the Wowza 3 libraries at compile time? If so, you can import the new Wowza 4 jar files into to your java build path->libraries.


Or could it just be another module doing the task? I know it sounds stupid but we have done such stupidity in the past. Due to R&D reasons merged module/filename midway with another and then closed the project without updating the documentation. After six months my staff was facing the same thing as you are. So I asked him to disable all/similar custom modules one by one and then he was able to find the combined one.

You mentioned you deleted the file still it writes to old location. When you remove the module file, Wowza should throw the module not loaded/found error. If not, it is loading the module from some other file. Also check your Application.xml (you must’ve already have) carefully for double entries or something.

Not a solution and may not apply in your case, but just a thought.



Do not make such stupid mistakes, colleagues :slight_smile:

You can’t help it! We all have been there at least once. So many modules, with different variations, in different stages, and the need to start a new clean one quickly because the deadline is approaching…I know sounds like a messy workspace, but this is what happens when working with Wowza modules and no SVN is being used :smiley:

Glad your issue is sorted. All is well that ends well.

Best wishes


That’s great news! Thanks for the update and glad you sorted this out.



Thanks for advice!

About a year ago I made httpprovider. In eclipse I created new class but not new project. In the second window was previous auto-record module. When I compiled it both classes were in one jar file. Today I made two new projects for httpprovider and auto-record module. Everything works as expected.

Problem solved. Do not make such stupid mistakes, colleagues :slight_smile: