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WOWZPlayer stops updating while dragging UITableView

Hi team,

WOWZPlayer stops updating while dragging UICollectionView (or UIScrollView /UITableView).

I want to place UICollectionView beside of playerView, but it doesn’t looks great because of this problem.

How to reproduce this?

  1. Simply place an UITableView beside of WOWZPlayer’s playerView (UITableView is most convenient for this)
  2. Start RMTP live playback
  3. Drag UITableView

Only when your finger dragging the UITableView, WOWZPlayer stops updating. Then release your finger, WOWZPlayer catch up its delay with 2x speed.

I know this problem may caused by NSRunLoopMode. So I want to change it, but I couldn’t find any options in GoCoder Library.

If you know the other way to avoid this, please let me know!

If no solution for this, I want request a feature that select appropriate NSRunLoopMode.