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wrong statistics on live edge application after restart

The statistics and monitoring via Wowza Streaming Engine Manager (version 4.7.7), via “connectioncounts” and via “serverinfo” from the HTTP provider on the edge server of one origin-edge live audio application are wrong after the edge application restart.

I start some HLS players to the live audio application “A2” located on the server “S2”, receiving the audio feed from the origin Application “A1” from the server “S1” and all the monitoring and statistics are ok, showing the right number of connections and network activity (in and out) on both servers. If I restart the edge Application, the players don´t loose connectivity and go on, still playing the audio, but, the edge application “A2” monitor on server “S2” show zero connections and zero output network activity but still show the right input network activity (despite showing zero connections).

The same with “connectioncounts” and “serverinfo” from the HTTP provider, all connections are gone. Before the restart of the edge application, everything was showing the right number of connections but after the restart, despite all the players are still connected and playing the streaming, all connections show zero.

Is there any reason for that behavior?

In researching this, I see this occurring with certain players as far as incorrect connection count from the edge. Can you please provide the names of the players you are using where you see this taking place? Thanks @paulo blitz.

Keep in mind also @paulo blitz that when you restart some applications in an edge scenario, some players can get handed over to another edge if you have fail over setup. Which mode you are running can determine the “player type” of connections and this may be throwing off your counts as well.

With so many potential variables involved here, I spoke with tech support and they would like to see more of your setup in a support ticket to identify the issue.

As far as I noticed, any player has the same behavior. I have tested with ffplay/ffmpeg, VLC and some online players like “”, “” and “”.

I have created one very simple lab environment (2 servers, 1 streaming), without any custom modules or any kind of fail over setup, and the tests give the same results as on production servers.

Some new info: If the server (with the live edge application) it’s restarted, after some audio mute of the players, they comeback with the server and go on still playing the audio. The connections count then show the right values (but only after server restart).

I open the support request # (338964).

Interesting, ok well I will follow the conversation in your ticket and I am sure they will see what is going on there and have a fix for you. Thanks for submitting the ticket.