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WSE 4.8.15+3 SRT PMT/PAT Interval greater than 1s

WSE Version: 4.8.15+3
Incoming stream: UDP | MPEG-TS | VBR | Default values
Stream target: SRT | Latency 500 | Default values | No encryption

When sending the SRT out to another device I am seeing ETR290 P1 alarms for PMT and PAT intervals at 1000-1200ms (Maximum 500ms expected). This isn’t causing any issues when the stream is running as expected but when I restart the application and connect to the Stream file as fast as I can click the Elementary stream values are not flagging correctly causing issues upstream.

Is there any way to set the SRT Stream target to have PMT and PAT values below 500ms to try and resolve the incorrectly flagging Elementary stream information?


Left shows good stream before restarting application then quickly connecting to stream file
Middle shows the same stream after restarting the application and quickly connecting to the stream file
Right shows a different stream with the same restart/connect with both video and audio PIDs flagged incorrectly

I am so sorry you never got an answer on this and it somehow escaped my inbox notifications. Let me ask tech support for you right now.

Hi Rose, No problem. Let me know when you hear back from tech support! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Rose, Any update from Tech support?