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WSE Load Balancer 4.5 (17275) CORS policy for XMLHttpRequest?

I looked at Load Balancer module CORS header which refers to Load Balancer 4.0 . But, what is the proper method for handing CORS in Load Balancer 4.5? I am running WSE 4.8.15+3 (build 20211022114044) on Windows Server 2016 with Java Version 9.0.4 .and following the WowzaPlayer example in the 4.5 distribution. Typically, I am dealing with a request “blocked by CORS policy : No Access-Control-Allow-Origin header is present on the requested resource”.

Hi @Randal_Sims Do you have a valid Wowza Player license? We stopped issuing those in April of 2020. It will work if you had one before that date, but I think that is Step 1 in debugging. Can you let me know?

No, I do not have a valid Wowza Player license. I am just using the Wowza Player html + javascript in the Load Balancer 4.5 distribution as a guide for working on other players. I am using Video.js as an interim solution while procuring a license for THEOplayer.

Thanks for your kind follow-up.

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Ok, well perhaps we can assist you through a support ticket where we can review your code?

Here is a doc to make sure you don’t get that CORS policy error:

I’m not sure how that works with the load balancer though, but an engineer will in a ticket. Sorry, I couldn’t be of more help.