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WSE problem with h264

Hi, I try make a stream to my local site but i have one problem… Wowza do job without problem, but when i trying to stream video from IPOX PRO Camera i get error " [error][hlsjs: failed to recover], i know this error is from CLAPPR HLS PLAYER, but when i transcode by wowza to h264 everythink is ok… IPOX have h264 codec witb baseline profile, where is the problem, did someone meet with problem like me?

U can check the problem on site:

Try a setup with another source, e.g. OBS Studio, and see if you can push the stream to Wowza, then playback over HLS. If that works, then it may be something with your camera. Or else you may have to review your Wowza setup.

IP cameras typically allow the stream to be accessed over RTSP, here’s an article that may help you:

If that doesn’t help, then it’s a good idea to check the Wowza logs for any errors or warnings.