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WSE Stream Target a Scheduled Facebook Live Event

It appears that WSE can’t do this, where as WSC (Cloud version) can:

Is this possible on WSE? (running latest versions). I’ve tried using the RTMP Configuration and used the details shown, but it didn’t work.

Anyone have a example or idea on how to get this to work on WSE?

Hello @Patrick McKenzie,

It is possible to create Stream Targets to Scheduled Facebook Live Events.

The stream will start publishing to the event as soon as you have the source stream available.
I just tested and it worked fine when using the Facebook stream target destination instead of RTMP.


Alex C.

Thanks for the reply @Alex C - I must be missing something because doing it that way doesn’t work for me. It always creates a new live post and ignores the scheduled live post…

Any chance I could see a screenshot of your settings to compare? I just can’t see how to link the Stream key in the Facebook Stream Target on WSE (non cloud version). Does there need to be a custom property?

@alex You need to include how…because I also get a new post when i tried it.

@Alex C agreed, I never figured this one out on the Wowza Streaming Engine side things.