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WSE Version 4.8.10

OK, Silly question. We have several implementations of WSE. We are migrating one of our environments and creating a new server with a new release of WSE when we do so. We have 4.8.10 running on CentOS 7. On all of our other instances, when we pull up https://SERVER-NAME in a browser, WSE responds with “Wowza Streaming Engine 4 with Transcoder LIC INFO RELEASE INFO BUILD INFO”. But… not with the new 4.8.10. Do we have an issue with the implementation or was this an update. It appears to be streaming fine, but our existing module does not work, we are thinking that might be Java related, but its not throwing those errors. Thanks.

The “server info” functionality is no longer on by default. It may have been considered a security risk, but it is very convenient.

I think you can turn this back on via WSEM or by adding this to the 1935 port in VHost.xml:

com.wowza.wms.http.HTTPServerVersion * none

Interesting… of course my first instinct was we’ve done something wrong, or have something configured incorrectly. I understand what you are saying, however all of our instances stream VOD over 443, the default 1935, is not used? I’ve looked at our older implementations ( and they have the same values in the VHost.xml file? We are also having an issue with custom Java module, we are trying to figure out what framework it was compiled with, but too is not throwing a helpful error in any of the logs.

hmm, maybe it was turned off completely and not just removed from configs. Someone from Wowza will need to chime in