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youtube dash stream target


via YT API it’s possible to ingest dash. It would be great to enable dash push publish.

Second suggestion:

enable both iso bmff (h264 aac) and webm (vp9 vp8 opus)



Currently DASH push publishing not supported by Wowza Streaming Engine.

Webm is currently available with transcoding as shown in the following article:

How to transcode live streams to WebM for MPEG-DASH playback

I will add your comments about DASH Stream Targets and iso bmff to our Feature Request Backlog for consideration.

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Is mpeg-dash stream target now implemented ?

The release notes for update state that:

  • Fixed HTTP stream target profiles (for HLS, HDS, and MPEG-DASH) so that they do not show adaptive (ABR) groups as being “ready” until they have a populated chunklist, avoiding the “Failed to create group playlist for group…” log that would appear at the beginning of the ABR push session(s)

But nothing appears on the dashboard