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Youtube is not connecting (waiting)

Hi, I was wrting a post here asking help but I couldn’t send it, error on topics (??) but all was fine, and suddenly I’ve lost all ((((
Seems I’ve big patience tonlight to write again,
I followed instructions, all is ok, but it doesn’t connect. Unfortunately in instructions there isn’t an example, what I have really to write, the full path or not, with ’ ’ like I found in other topic or not, anything is waorking. And I don’t know why so many fields, why so complicated, in youtube there are only 2, url and key…
There is also absence of feedback, no errors are displayed, it’s really difficult to understand what is going wrong here.
Please give me a concrete example how to connect to youtube, thank you!

ok the problem was the tag, I should insert something that should exist already.
Here is the topic where I see parameters with ’ ', I tried also without, no success
there the link are without rtmp:// , but in youtube they wrote the extended link rtmp://
I’m confused
The 1935 port is opened and checked on internet
which log file I’ve to check, there are different ones

I would suggest that you allow our engineers to walk through this with you in a support ticket. We’d need to look more closely at your full configuration and logs. We can only do that through a ticket, but be assured we’ll get this streaming for you to You Tube.

Here is are two videos as well in streaming from Engine to You Tube if that helps.



Thank you, I switched already to OBS and it is much better and easier (plus is free!)

Yes @Ufo ufa- OBS is great! Glad you found a solution that works. If you ever decide to send your stream from OBS to You Tube, Facebook Live and other platforms at the same time, Wowza can simulcast streams from OBS.

Here are a couple of tutorial videos:

  1. OBS to Wowza:

  1. Simulcast to several social media platforms at same time.