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YouTube live streaming using Wowza streaming engine.

Hello Wowza Team,

I want to do YouTube Live streaming with the help of Wowza streaming engine as an encoder.

I have successfully installed Wowza Streaming Engine and performed Streaming Test which results in playing sample video successfully.

Now I have followed below link for YouTube Live streaming:

Thus now I have created Live event on YouTube and selected ‘Other encoders’ as an option for encoder. Added those encoder details while adding ‘Stream Target’ in Wowza Streaming Engine. However that stream target shows status as “waiting” instead of “active” even after enabling stream targets.

Also when I go to YouTube Live control room for Live event created earlier, it shows me error “We are not receiving data from your encoder. Please make sure it is configured correctly in the Ingestion Settings page.”

Also when I go to “Incoming Streams”

Can you please help me with this where am I going wrong or what else is required to make this working?

Youtube is one of the best portal for view the streaming videos so just visit our homepage and find file explorer windows 10 in just few steps with the helps of pictures and videos using the shortcuts.