Media & Social

Provides the massive reach and unique user experiences needed for streaming to your web and social media community. As a market leader, Wowza® offers features and functionality for efficient and cost-effective streaming of vivid, engaging content to any screen.


With Wowza Streaming Engine™, you'll have the power to expand your on-line community by creating exciting and engaging live and on-demand social experiences to reach more viewers. You can even incorporate interactivity with features that let users contribute video instantly using their web cams, send video messages and engage in multi-user chat.

  1. Massive Reach

    Distribute your content to millions of potential viewers on computers, mobile devices, tablets, IPTV/OTT devices and more.

  2. Engaging Social Interactions

    Deliver live and on-demand streaming, interactive audio/video/text and chat. Enable time-shifted features similar to DVR with our optional Wowza nDVR AddOn.

  3. Unmatched Viewer Experience

    Embedded adaptive bitrate support for live and on-demand streaming.  Simplify live ABR streaming with the optional Wowza Transcoder AddOn.

  4. Stream Premium Content

    Use the optional Wowza DRM AddOn to deliver premium content secured by studio approved DRM platforms such as Verimatrix VCAS™ and Microsoft® PlayReady®.

  5. Scalable Performance

    Scale your internal server infrastructure for increasing demand, or use our broad network of Wowza Streaming Partners to achieve the streaming capacity needed.

  6. Unbeatable Economics

    Cost-effective Monthly and Daily licenses allow you flexible capacity management without up-front investments or long term contracts.

  7. Extensible

    Use our rich set of APIs for easy development of valuable custom applications.

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