With customers in more than 150 countries, Wowza® server software sets a new standard of functionality, reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for simultaneous media streaming to any screen. We are proud of the industry acclaim that the Wowza platform has earned, and we believe it is our customers’ experiences and opinions that are most important.

Featured Case Studies

See how CERN used Wowza server software to webcast scientific research around the globe.  

Resort Cams
Wondering what the ski conditions are? Resort Cams uses Wowza server software to show weather conditions.

University of Maine
Check out how University of Maine used Wowza for their custom learning management system. Also see the Wowza Streaming Story in Education.

  • Featured Broadcasters

    Wowza Streaming Engine™ software gives broadcasters the ability to stream live and on-demand video with unmatched performance, reliability, and extensibility. Unlike other media servers, Wowza Streaming Engine enables an affordable, unified streaming workflow — simplifying setup and maintenance, and enabling you to connect with your viewers on any device.

    • Astral Radio
    • TVW (customer)
    • Radio 538
    • laSexta
    • Rai Net
    • Livestation (customer)
    • Radio Sweden (customer)
  • Featured Education

    Wowza® software is deployed globally across thousands of universities and K-12 organizations. Whether you need to stream lectures, scientific discoveries, sports, or events, our platform lets students, faculty, alumni, and supporters engage with your content wherever they are. See how the University of Maine built a learning content management system that integrates Wowza streaming video software.

    • University of Maine
    • Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris
    • GlobalScholar
    • University of Sussex
    • Madrid University
    • The University of New South Wales
    • Techuvienna
    • Rowan
  • Featured Service Providers

    For content delivery networks (CDNs), hosting and streaming providers, ISPs and other managed service providers, Wowza® software offers licensing options to fit your budget and make the most efficient use of your infrastructure.

    • Kaltura
    • Telefónica
    • Swisscom
    • StreamGuys
    • Clavain Technologies
    • Qumu
    • Mirror Image
    • Stream UK
    • LiveStream (customer)

    See the list of Wowza Streaming Partners

  • Featured Media & Social Websites

    Provides the massive reach and unique user experiences needed for streaming to your web and social media community. As a market leader, Wowza® offers features and functionality for efficient and cost-effective streaming of vivid, engaging content to any screen.

    • Vivendi
    • Earth Cam
    • Open Tok
    • Terra
    • Daily Motion (customer)
    • Fabric
    • Sapo
  • Featured Enterprises

    Wowza Streaming Engine™ reduces the complexities of high-quality video streaming with customizable software for enterprises of all sizes to effectively build, deploy, and manage their streaming infrastructure.

    • Macys
    • SpaceX
    • BlueCross/Shield
    • Panasonic
    • Logitech
    • Raytheon
    • Daegu Bank
  • Featured Government

    Wowza® software simultaneously delivers engaging content to diverse users on mobile, computer, tablets, and IPTV with the security, reliability, and cost-savings that is essential in government today. The Wowza platform makes streaming of vital information and interactive communications to citizens, constituents, and employees possible.

    • Mississippi Department of Transportation
    • Boeing
    • New York Police Department
    • NASA
    • US Air Force
    • State of Florida Department of Transportation
    • NSW Police Force
  • Featured Houses of Worship

    Wowza Streaming Engine™ enables houses of worship to present a richer, more dynamic experience, while reaching a virtually unlimited audience of followers outside of their facilities. With the Wowza® platform, reaching remote parishioners and visitors on the devices they are most comfortable using is simple and cost-effective.

    • United Methodist Church
    • Beulah Baptist Church
    • Northland Church
    • City Harvest
    • World Revival Church