How to send Apple HLS streams to a generic destination

The Stream Targets feature in Wowza Streaming Engine™ media server software enables you to send live streams to widely distributed destinations such as content delivery networks and services. In addition to the variety of Stream Target destinations that are supported by built-in push-publishing profiles, you can develop your own Apple HLS (cupertino) Stream Target to support custom destinations.

Our wse-example-pushpublishing-hls GitHub project provides documentation and a source code example implementation to help you create a custom implementation. An abstract base class, which you must extend in your custom implementation, enables you to create and maintain playlists, and to gather audio/video content from Wowza Streaming Engine live stream packetizers and package it into media segments. For your convenience, we've also modeled the playlists and media segments in Java classes and provided utility classes and code examples that demonstrate how to convert the models into content that can be transmitted to the destination and consumed by any player.

  • Wowza Streaming Engine 4.5.0 or later is required.
  • The wse-example-pushpublishing-hls Github project is aimed for developers who know how to program in Java, how players access playlists and media segments from Stream Target destinations, and how to develop and code the mechanism to transmit the playlist and media segment content from Wowza Streaming Engine to the destination using Java.

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Originally Published: For Wowza Streaming Engine 4.5.0 on 06-23-2016.

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