Live Stream DVR

Wowza nDVR technology in Wowza™ media server software provides the ability to record a live stream with while simultaneously allowing users to play, pause, resume, and rewind the recorded stream. You can configure settings and properties to control the archive strategy and availability of the recorded streams.

The following HTTP-based streaming protocols support DVR playback of nDVR-recorded streams:

  • Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (Adobe HDS/San Jose)
  • Apple HTTP Live Streaming (Apple HLS/Cupertino)
  • Microsoft Smooth Streaming (Smooth)

Setup for client DVR playback of the recorded streams is similar to playback of live streams from a Wowza media server.


Wowza nDVR works with the following Wowza media server software versions:
  • Wowza Streaming Engine™
  • Wowza Media Server™ (version 3 and later)

Wowza nDVR requires that the audio and video in the inbound live stream to be aligned. Live streams with short keyframe intervals and aligned audio and video work best.

Licensing Wowza nDVR

Perpetual and Subscription licenses for Wowza Streaming Engine software provide for unlimited connections to the media server software instance and enable use of the Wowza nDVR technology that's integrated with each licensed instance.
Note: If you purchased a license for Wowza media server software before January 1, 2015, contact to learn more about how to license Wowza nDVR.

Additional resources

For a detailed introduction to Wowza nDVR, download the Wowza nDVR User's Guide.

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