How to get the Dynamic Load Balancing AddOn
Use the Dynamic Load Balancing to enable system load balancing between multiple servers running Wowza media server software.
How to test server-to-client bandwidth for RTMP clients
This article describes how to use a bandwidth checker to test server-to-client bandwidth for RTMP clients.
How to get the StreamNameAlias AddOn
Wowza media server software module that adds support for stream name aliases.
How to get the Wowza Load Test Tool
Use the Wowza Load Test Tool to generate RTMP or Apple HLS load on a single Wowza Streaming Engine media server to test configuration and performance.
How to get Central Configuration AddOn (simplify multiple server deployments)
Use Central Configuration Management system to manage hundreds of media servers running Wowza Streaming Engine software in a complex environment.
How to disconnect idle Flash RTMP clients
This package includes a module for automatically disconnecting idle clients. It monitors server-side NetStream objects attached to an IClient object. If no data flows in/out of the NetStream object for a duration greater than the idleDisconne...
How to enable geographic locking (ModuleGeoIPLock)
The GeoIP AddOn from Wowza Media Systems enables geographic locking functionality for RTMP, HTTP, and RTSP connections to Wowza Media Server from IP addresses in specified countries.
How to get Wowza RTMPE AddOn
RTMPE network security AddOn for Wowza server software. We recommend Wowza StreamLock AddOn, which secures video streams using RTMPS (a more secure method).