Advanced Java API Code Examples


How to send Apple HLS streams to a generic destination
Extend the Cupertino PushPublishing class to send Apple HLS streams from Wowza Streaming Engine to generic Stream Target destinations.
How to control MPEG-DASH fragment IDs and timecodes
Adjust chunk IDs and timecodes of live MPEG-DASH streams as they're packetized to synchronize streams across multiple servers.
How to send Flash data using the IExternalizable interface
Send a Flash stream to and from a Wowza Streaming Engine server using object serialization.
How to dynamically update RTP/AVSyncMethod when re-streaming IP camera streams
Set the RTP/AVSyncMethod for live RTSP streams on a per-stream basis.
How to implement a custom RandomAccessReadOptimizer class
Implement a custom Wowza RandomAccessReadOptimizer, which combines contiguous read operations into a single read operation, to reduce disk access for on-demand streaming over HTTP protocols.
How to intercept and block incoming UDP packets for an RTP or MPEG-TS stream
Intercept UDP packets in incoming RTP or MPEG-TS streams and control which ones are depacketized by Wowza Streaming Engine.
How to use Publisher API and JSpeex to publish an audio stream (VOIP integration)
Use JSpeex with the Java API to send raw audio data to a Wowza Streaming Engine server.
How to graph individual values (ex. concurrent connections to the server)
Graph the number of current connections to your Wowza Streaming Engine server instance.
How to add a web service interface to Wowza Media Server and integrate with .NET (dotNet)
Add a web service interface to a Wowza Streaming Engine server and integrate with .NET (dotNet).
How to push a native RTP or MPEG-TS stream using RTPUtils API
Use the RTPUtils function to push an MPEG-TS or native RTP stream out of a Wowza Streaming Engine server.
How to set up a command line interface to Wowza API to start/stop VHost using JMX
Use the JMX interface to implement virtual, appInstance, and MediaCaster stream start/stop from the command line.
How to read an FLV file using the FLVUtils API
Read an FLV file by using the FLVUtils Java API class.
How to add onMetaData event on the fly to video on demand streams
Modify the onMetaData data that's associated with a VOD stream.
How to track users using a SharedObject
Track connected users in a shared object.
How to use IMediaWriterActionNotify to programmatically move and rename recordings of live streams
Get notified when file writes are finished.
Module to get HTTP and RTP performance statistics
Collect performance stats for streams.