Configure Wowza ClearCaster to stream to Workplace by Facebook

By default, a Wowza ClearCaster™ appliance in Facebook mode is configured to broadcast live streams to Facebook Live, but you can also request access to use your ClearCaster with Workplace by Facebook. A ClearCaster in Facebook mode can only be configured to stream to one Facebook service at a time: either Facebook or Workplace. This article describes how to configure your ClearCaster in Facebook mode to broadcast to Workplace by Facebook.

Important! Using your Wowza ClearCaster with Workplace by Facebook is by invitation only. Contact Wowza Support to request access.
  1. If you don't have an account, create a Workplace by Facebook account.
  2. Sign in to Wowza ClearCaster Manager at with your Wowza account.
  3. Click Settings next to the name of the ClearCaster.
  4. In the Settings dialog, under Use this ClearCaster with, select Facebook Workplace and then click OK.
  5. Changing the ClearCaster appliance's association between Facebook and Workplace automatically unpairs the currently-associated Facebook or Workplace account, so you must also follow the steps in Pair Wowza ClearCaster with Facebook to pair your ClearCaster with your Workplace account. 
Note: If you need to change the association of the ClearCaster back to a Facebook acocunt, follow the steps above, but select instead of Facebook Workplace.