Customize Wowza Player with configuration properties

Wowza Player is sunset and should only be used with existing Ultra-Low Latency (ULL) streams until that technology is also sunset.

Use Wowza Player configuration properties to customize a WowzaPlayer instance before embedding into a webpage. Certain configuration properties are required in the ConfigJSON parameter of the WowzaPlayer.create method, but most are optional. Use the following available configuration properties to configure and customize Wowza Player.

General configuration properties

Property Type Description
license string (Required) Sets your Wowza Player license key (with dashes) to authorize player use.
sourceURL string (Required) Sets the full Apple HLS URL of a live or on-demand stream, or the full WebSocket URL for an ultra low latency stream.
sources array (Required if using multiple sourceURL values) Sets an array of sourceURL values for fallback purposes. If Wowza Player can't connect to the first sourceURL value after three tries, it falls back to the second sourceURL value.
Note: You must set a source using either a single sourceURL or a sources array with multiple sourceURLs.
abrAutoSwitching Boolean Toggles between manual and automatic adaptive bitrate switching. The default is true, which instructs Wowza Player to select the highest quality rendition that works best with your viewers' connections.
abrStartingBitrate string Determines how Wowza Player selects a bitrate rendition when the stream begins: firstlowest, or highest. The default is first.
audioOnly Boolean Specifies whether to use the audio-only version of Wowza Player. Set to true to use the audio-only version.
autoPlay Boolean Specifies whether a source plays automatically. Depending on the browser policy and user settings, mute must be set to true for autoplay to work as expected. If a browser doesn't support autoplay, Wowza Player falls back to manual playback. See Use autoplay with Wowza Player for more information.
bufferPlayDuration integer Sets the time, in milliseconds, to buffer content before it starts playing. The default is 6000 (6 seconds). The buffer must be shorter than the length of the video in order for the video to play, so reduce the duration if the video being played is shorter than the default buffer size.
endPosterFrameURL string Specifies a URL for a static poster image to display in Wowza Player after the video plays. Use a JPG or PNG image that is close to the size of the player. You can't add a poster image to the audio-only player.
endTime integer Sets the time, in milliseconds, to end playback. A value of -1 specifies no end time.
debugLevel string Specifies the type of error message to display in the browser console: OFFERRORWARNINFODEBUG. The default is INFO.
description string Sets the description that appears when the viewer clicks on the video Title. Not available in audio-only mode.
loop Boolean Specifies whether to loop a VOD video. Set to true to replay (loop) the video after it ends.
mute Boolean Specifies whether to mute the audio. Set to true to start playback with muted audio.
posterFrameURL string Specifies a URL for a static poster image to display in Wowza Player before the video starts. Use a JPG or PNG image that is close to the size of the player. Poster images can't be added to the audio-only player.
startAtLivePoint Boolean Specifies whether to start playback at the live point. Set to true, the default, to start playback of a live nDVR stream at the live point. Set to false to start playback of a live nDVR stream from the beginning of the broadcast. Use this property for Wowza Streaming Engine live nDVR streams, or live streams with recording enabled in Wowza Streaming Cloud.
startTime integer Sets the time, in milliseconds, to begin video playback. Set to 0 to play for the original start of the video.
title string Sets the title that displays in the upper-left corner of the player Action bar on mouse hover.
uiBackgroundColor string Sets the RGB background color of Wowza Player using a hexidecimal color value with the format 0x000000. The default is #000000 (black). The background color appears if the player applies letterboxing (spacing) to the video or if no poster image is selected.
uiPosterFrameFillMode string Specifies how to format poster images. The aspect ratio of the image is maintained in both settings.

Enter fit to resize the poster image so the larger side of the image matches the size of the player, ensuring the entire image fits within the player. Black bars may appear to fill extra space.

Enter fill to resize the poster image so the shorter side of the image matches the size of the player, ensuring the image fills the entire player.
uiShowBitrateSelector Boolean Includes the Bitrate Selector button in Wowza Player if set to the default, true. This allows the viewer to select the desired video bitrate. Set to false to hide the Bitrate Selector button.

Bitrate names are displayed based on the NAME values from your stream's SMIL file or calculated from the source media if you aren't using a SMIL file. By default, Wowza Player selects the highest quality bitrate that works best with the viewer's connection. This behavior is set with the abrStartingBitrate property. For information on customizing the Bitrate Selector menu, see Customize video quality choices for adaptive bitrate streams in Wowza Player.
uiShowDurationVsTimeRemaining Boolean Specifies where to display the elapsed time. Set to true to display the elapsed time of the video on the left side of the Seek bar in Wowza Player. Set to false to display the time remaining in the video on the left side of the Seek bar.
uiShowFullscreen Boolean When true, the default, the Full Screen icon appears in Wowza Player. Set to false to hide the Full Screen icon.
uiShowPlaybackControls Boolean Includes the playback controls in Wowza Player when set to the default, true. Set to false to hide the play and pause buttons, the LIVE icon for live streams, and the elapsed and total time indicators for VOD streams.
uiShowQuickRewind Boolean Includes the Quick Rewind button in Wowza Player when set to the default, true. By default, clicking Quick Rewind rewinds the video by 30 seconds. To set a custom value, use uiQuickRewindSeconds
uiShowSeekBar Boolean Includes the seek bar in Wowza Player when set to the default, true. Set to false to hide the seek bar. 
uiShowVolumeControl Boolean Includes the volume controls in Wowza Player when set to the default, true. Set to false to hide the volume controls. 
uiQuickRewindSeconds integer Sets the number of seconds that Wowza Player rewinds when a viewer clicks the Quick Rewind button. The default is 30.
volume integer Sets the starting volume of the video, although the viewer may also adjust the volume in the embedded player. The default is 75 percent of maximum volume. Values range from 0 to 100.
withCredentials Boolean Specifies whether Wowza Player can make cross-site access control requests using credentials such as cookies. Set to true to enable this functionality. 
Note: For sending credentials such as cookies, the server can't use a wildcard "*" for the value of the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header. The server must specify an origin value instead. For more information, see the doc Requests with credentials.
These settings allow Wowza Player to play streams secured with Wowza Streaming Engine SecureToken, Wowza Streaming Cloud token authorization, or Akamai CDN token authentication. To learn more, see Protect streaming using SecureToken in Wowza Streaming Engine or Protect a Wowza CDN on Akamai stream target with token authorization in Wowza Streaming Cloud.

Customizable strings for Wowza Player localization

Use any of the following properties to change labels and messages that appear in the player UI for localization purposes. 
Property Default Description
stringAuto Auto Sets the label for the option in the Bitrate Selector menu that allows Wowza Player to dynamically select the optimal bitrate based on the viewer's connection.
stringBuffering Buffering... Sets the message that appears when the stream is buffering.
stringCountdownTimerLabel Time until show Sets the message that appears above the stream event's countdown timer.
stringErrorStreamUnavailable Stream Unavailable Sets the message that appears when Wowza Player experiences an error with the stream, for example, when stream URL is incorrect.
stringErrorCORSStreamUnavailable Stream unavailable. Check cross-origin policy Sets the message that appears when a CORS error occurs when loading a stream. This typically means that cross-origin headers aren't enabled for Apple HLS streams in the Wowza Streaming Engine application. For details, see Enable cross-origin resource sharing in Wowza Streaming Engine.
stringLiveLabel LIVE Sets the label to indicate live events in the Wowza Player Control bar.
stringLiveEventEnded This live event has ended. Sets the message that appears when Wowza Player detects that a live streaming event has ended.
stringLiveSeekAlt Seek to LIVE Sets the message that appears on mouseover when using DVR during a live broadcast.