GoCoder SDK for Android known issues

Wowza GoCoder is sunset and should only be used with existing Ultra-Low Latency (ULL) streams until that technology is also sunset.

This article includes important issues that may affect your configuration and use of Wowza GoCoder™ SDK for Android. If available, workarounds for these issues are described. As issues are addressed, they will no longer appear in this list.

  • When playing an audio-only stream, the playback timer remains at 00:00:00 even though audio playback is successful.
  • When using AudioMeterActivity.java or BluetoothActivity.java in the Android sample app, if the mic is disabled by the app user prior to broadcasting, the mic cannot be re-enabled.
  • The WOWZCamera class sometimes fails to detect a camera's support for 4K video. As a result, 4K broadcasting isn't working on all Android devices.
  • Pixelation may occur when broadcasting high-motion content from the GoCoder on iOS v1.5.1.949 to Wowza Streaming Engine with playback on Android devices using WOWZPlayerAPI.
  • Player crashes on playback of ultra low latency pull stream on app restarts.
  • When audio is set to disabled in an app, a black video shows when using ultra low latency and Wowza Player.
  • A null pointer exception can occur when using a bitmap overlay and trying to remove and add an image.
  • When setting hard-coded xpos and ypos values for WOWZText object, and querying the values through getPosition, the value for xpos returns incorrectly.
  • When streaming from an SDK app to Wowza Streaming Engine, the frame rate reported on Wowza Streaming Engine (and from VLC) doesn't match the configured frame rate on the app. This is only for the source stream. A transcoded stream is correctly reporting the frame rate.
  • When playing a stream that's broadcast from a GoCoder SDK app, if the broadcasting device is rotated and network conditions contribute to packet loss, pixelation and pausing may occur on the Android playback device.
  • With OpenGL ES output the timer shows seconds going at the correct pace, but when played with Wowza Streaming Engine the seconds are going at least 1.5 times faster.