GoCoder SDK for iOS known issues

Wowza GoCoder is sunset and should only be used with existing Ultra-Low Latency (ULL) streams until that technology is also sunset.

This article includes important issues that may affect your configuration and use of Wowza GoCoder™ SDK for iOS. If available, workarounds for these issues are described. As issues are addressed, they will no longer appear in this list.

  • When an app just returns from a background state, the broadcastThroughputBitrate value is higher than it should be (for example, 30 Mbps instead of 5 Mbps) and can take about 20 seconds to normalize.
  • Playback of front camera mirrored broadcast plays mirrored, should be un-mirrored (normal). Letters are backwards during playback.
  • Streams incorrectly default to an audio sample rate of 0. As a workaround, set the audio sample rate manually.
  • When attempting to broadcast at an 8-kHz audio sample rate and a 56/192/128/256K bitrate, a PCM audio error can occur.
  • 4K broadcasting is only supported on iPhone 8 and later.
  • When streaming is accidentally disconnected, MP4Writer doesn't terminate and save the recording properly. As a workaround, use AVAssetWriter libraries with grabbing frame and audio callbacks.
  • When a screenshot is taken, the CameraView changes so that the content and broadcasted stream is zoomed in.
  • When streaming from an SDK app to Wowza Streaming Engine, the frame rate reported on the Wowza server (and from VLC) doesn't match the configured frame rate on the app. This is only for the source stream. A transcoded stream is correctly reporting the frame rate.
  • When streaming with an HD or higher frame size, the broadcast sometimes doesn't stop correctly.
  • After changing the configuration to change the resolution, bitrate, or fps before starting a stream, the encoder re-starts and the screen goes black for about a second.
  • Calling endBroadcast results in an ANR (application not responding) when there is low bandwidth.
  • When following the article to install the SDK static library file (*.a), XCode is unable to compile the app and is returning a MACH-O linker error.