Get filtered query results with the Wowza Video REST API

Learn how to use the filter parameter to get filtered results from REST API queries made in the Wowza Video™ service. The filter parameter restricts the data that gets returned to one or more values associated with a field.

About filters

To use the filter query parameter, you'll send a GET request to an endpoint that supports filtering and append a query URL with a two-part expression that specifies the field on which to filter and the logic (comparison operator) to use to filter.

Use the syntax ?filter[n][field]=value&filter[n][comparison operator]=value where n is a zero-based index.

You can use as many filters as you want, combining them with an ampersand (&). Order doesn't matter; multiple filters are additive.

Sample requests

These sample requests filter transcoder requests.

Return only transcoders whose state is stopped:

curl -X GET -g \
-H "Authorization: Bearer ${WV_JWT}" \

Return all transcoders that aren't actively running (all transcoders whose state isn't started):

curl -X GET -g \
-H "Authorization: Bearer ${WV_JWT}" \

Return only transcoders that are started and have the name MyTranscoder or MyOtherTranscoder:

curl -X GET -g \
-H "Authorization: Bearer ${WV_JWT}" \

Supported filters

The following filters are supported.

Filter Description
eq ==
neq !=
gt >
gte >=
lt <
lte <=
in One in the set equals the value. Takes a comma-separated string of values.
nin None in the set equal the value. Takes a comma-separated string of values.
like Contains the value.
You can use * or % as a wildcard.
sort In ascending (asc) or descending (desc) order.
Example: filter[0][sort] = desc

Endpoints and fields that support filters

The following endpoints support the filter parameter in the GET request:

  • /live_streams
  • /real_time
  • /recordings
  • /schedules
  • /stream_sources
  • /stream_targets
  • /transcoders
  • /vod_streams

You can filter on the following fields, where they exist:

  • id
  • name
  • state
  • created_at
  • updated_at
  • playback_enabled