How to use Enseo Cassini set-top box with Wowza Media Server

Basic instructions to stream to Cassini Enseo set-top box using Wowza Media Server 2.

Hardware and Software:
Wowza Media Server 2.2.3 or greater
Enseo Cassini set-top box
AuthorHD2000 software from Enseo

Follow one of the tutorials here to set up live streaming (live only).


  1. Install most recent updater. This is required. There have been several MPEG-TS fixes/changes that are required to make it all work.
  2. Install the AuthorHD2000 software
    • Using this software create a TV application that includes a channel that refers to the URL udp://
    • Send this software to the set-top box
    • Bit of hand waving here
  3. Download, install, and configure the Multicast Publish AddOn package per the instructions included:
    • Set the contents of the [install-dir]/conf/multicastmap.txt to:
      This will instruct the Wowza media server to send the stream myStream to the multicast address using MPEG-TS over UDP.
  4. Using your favorite encoder send a H.264/AAC stream to Wowza Media Server using the stream name myStream
  5. Test playback of this multicast stream using VideoLAN VLC. In VLC use Open Network Stream... to play the stream udp:// Be sure this is working first.
  6. Power up the Enseo Cassini device and tune to the channel with the URL udp://


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