How to view logs and reports with Wowza GoCoder SDK for iOS

Learn how to collect device information, status and error reports, and logs with Wowza GoCoder™ SDK for iOS.


Collect device and SDK information
Collect status and error reports
Collect logs

Collect device and SDK information

Use the WZVersionInfo and WZPlatformInfo APIs, respectively, to retrieve information about the Wowza GoCoder SDK version and the device running the app.

// Retrieve the SDK version information
NSLog(@"SDK Version Information: %@", [WZVersionInfo string]);
// Retrieve the device and platform information
NSLog(@"Platform and Device Information: %@", [WZPlatformInfo string]);

Collect status and error reports

Many of the Wowza GoCoder SDK APIs use instances of the WZStatus class to return the status of components and processes. The WZStatus class contains two properties:

  • State indicates that a component, such as a broadcast stream, is running or stopped. 
  • Error indicates that an error occurred. The error property is an instance of the standard iOS NSError class.

The following example demonstrates how to check the status for an error.

// Retrieve the SDK status and check for an error
if (self.goCoderSDK.status.state == WZStateIdle && self.goCoderSDK.status.error != nil) {
  NSLog(@"An SDK error occurred: %@", [self.goCoderSDK.status.error localizedDescription]);

Collect logs

The Wowza GoCoder SDK uses the iOS NSLog function to send log outputs to the Apple System Log facility.

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