Latest Wowza Player updates

Wowza Media Systems™ provides Wowza Player™ software updates that have bug fixes as well as new features and functionality. 

Note: The most recent version of Wowza Player is used by default, but it is possible to specify and use an earlier version. For more information, see How to use a specific version of Wowza Player.

Latest version of Wowza Player

The latest version is Wowza Player 1.1.0 build 4655 released on June 6, 2017.

Changes (since 1.0.10)

  • Removed Wowza Media Systems branding and changed to a neutral color scheme
  • Added JavaScript API event listeners for onPlay, onPause, onResume, onStop, onCompleted, and onSeek events
  • Replaced pause/resume functionality with stop/play for live playback. Now, playback resumes from the live playhead time rather than the playhead time when the live stream was stopped.

Earlier versions of Wowza Player

1.0.10 build 4565 (changes since 1.0.09)

  • Fixed problem that sometimes caused the player to go into buffering mode and not continue playing the video
  • Fixed a problem that prevented adaptive bitrate (ABR) renditions from updating after a load balancing redirect

1.0.09 build 4538 (changes since 1.0.08)

  • Fixed display issue with end poster time frame
  • Other bug fixes

1.0.08 build 4514 (changes since 1.0.07)

  • Improved Javascript API support on iOS devices
  • Fixed start-playback issues on recent versions of Firefox
  • Fixed "invalid state" errors when calling pause() through the API on completed streams
  • Switched IE11 to use the Javascript player by default

1.0.07 build 4414 (changes since 1.0.06)

  • Fixed playback issues in Android Chrome 56

1.0.06 build 4395 (changes since 1.0.05)

  • Fixed problem detecting redirects when asset filenames start with numbers

1.0.05 build 4378 (changes since 1.0.04)

  • Fixed problem where first three seconds of live would sometimes repeat
  • Fixed problem where first three seconds of VOD would sometimes repeat

1.0.04 build 4360 (changes since 1.0.03)

  • WSE Load Balancer support
  • Fixed problem with multi-slice video playback (Green screen) on OSX Safari
  • Fixed a seek bar problem on DVR streams after pausing and resuming playback
  • Fixed problem with three-byte NAL delimiters (Green screen) on OSX Safari

1.0.03 build 4209 (changes since 1.0.02)

  • Fixed problem with low latency streams where chunks are skipped due to inability to keep up. Chunk times were incorrectly reset back to time 0, overwriting previous data
  • Fixed possible exceptions in player model code
  • Added warning message if live chunklists contain less than 8 seconds of data after they have had time to fill
  • Fixed Flash player not responding to ID3 (Metadata) events
  • Fixed JS API onBitrateChanged events not firing when autoPlay:true

1.0.02 build 4126 (changes since 1.0.01)

  • Changed default bufferTimeFill from 15 to 35 seconds to reduce buffering in bad network conditions
  • Configured IE11 to run the Flash player instead of the Javascript player
  • Enhanced chunk download logging to include download and parse times

1.0.01 build 3962 (changes since 1.0.0)

  • Fixed issue on Android where player would hang in a Buffering state

1.0.00 build 3901

  • Improved checking for non-playable streams
  • Added icon in title bar when there is a description
  • Fixed playback issues around gaps in audio packets
  • Fixed playback issues when initial chunk has audio lagging video by at least a keyframe
  • Fixed loader problems when player is loaded from an external script
  • Fixed problems when codec changes between chunks
  • Fixed Flash Javascript API event callback parameters