Wowza Player release notes

Wowza Player is sunset and should only be used with existing Ultra-Low Latency (ULL) streams until that technology is also sunset.

Wowza Media Systems™ provides Wowza™ Player software updates including bug fixes as well as new features and functionality. 

Note: The most recent version of Wowza Player is used by default, but it is possible to specify and use an earlier version. For more information, see Use a specific version of Wowza Player.

Latest version of Wowza Player

The latest version is Wowza Player 1.1.21 build 2 released on April 24, 2020.

Changes (since

  • Added JavaScript API methods onBufferingStarted and onBufferingFinished that include event listeners to detect when Wowza Player starts and stops buffering.
  • Added a JavaScript API method, onMessageDelay, that includes an event listener to detect when Wowza Player encounters a delay in the receipt of WebSocket messages.
  • Fixed an issue with the handling of onError events in the Wowza Player JavaScript API.

Earlier versions of Wowza Player

1.1.20 build 5 - released on March 4, 2020

  • Fixed a playback issue on smart TV apps and on Safari running on iOS version 13 and higher where the video aspect ratio was altered unexpectedly.
  • Fixed a problem where Flash playback did not function as expected.
  • Fixed a playback issue for Android mobile devices that resulted in a 'live stream has ended' error message.

1.1.19 build 9998 - released February 25, 2020

  • Fixed an issue with handling of the nal_ref_idc value in the Sequence Parameter Set (SPS) that resulted in non-functional playback.

1.1.18 build 9987 - released November 25, 2019

  • Updated WebSocket reconnection behavior during playback of WOWZ over WebSocket streams to align with updated browser policies.

1.1.18 build 9547 - released October 7, 2019

  • Fixed an issue with the onMetadata method of the Wowza Player JavaScript API where Wowza Player didn't successfully parse private ID3 tag values.
  • Updated player behavior for closing a WebSocket in a WOWZ over WebSocket stream so that the WebSocket is fully closed and doesn't consume resources, including memory.
  • Updated the destroy method of the Wowza Player JavaScript API to enable a graceful end to playback with no crashes or memory leaks.
  • Fixed an issue for playback of WOWZ over WebSocket streams with autoplay set to true. Now, when a browser tab playing the stream becomes inactive (in the background) and then active again (in the foreground), the stream automatically resumes playing at the live point. For more information on autoplay policies, see Use autoplay with Wowza Player.
  • Implemented logic for WOWZ over WebSocket streams to ensure that playback resumes after a long network gap in the video source.

1.1.17 build 9114 - released May 15, 2019

  • Updated the accuracy of seek functionality to allow a user to seek within an HLS media segment.
  • Added a new packetTime property in the Wowza Player JavaScipt API that reflects the time for incoming packets, in milliseconds, as captured in the ingest stream. packetTime is a property of the metaDataEvent object of the onMetadata method. This property enables you to map an event to a known time in the stream, not the time relative to the start of playback.
  • For WOWZ over WebSocket playback, added support for AMF data events of the type AMFDataItem with string and AMFDataList. Although AMFDataObj is still the preferred top level object for detecting AMF data through the onMetadata method, you can use the new types if necessary.
  • Updated drift catch-up behavior to perform more frequent, consistent, and less obvious catch up during playback of WOWZ over WebSocket streams.
  • Added rebuffering logic for WOWZ over WebSocket streams to enable buffering messages in the player UI.
  • Fixed an issue for WOWZ over WebSocket streams where metadata events weren't being purged, resulting in out of memory conditions.

1.1.16 build 8916 – released February 19, 2019

  • Improved ABR switching behavior under reduced bandwidth conditions.
  • Fixed an autoplay issue for the Safari browser. Previously, streams with autoplay enabled and mute set to false would fall back to manual playback settings as expected, but playback would freeze after manual playback was initiated.
  • Resolved an issue with audio-only streams where they would't play in the Safari browser when the audioOnly configuration property was set to true.
  • Fixed an issue with the JavaScript API play method where playback would fail after pausing a stream.
  • Updated documentation for the JavaScript API destroy method to provide a correct description and code examples.

1.1.15 build 8843 – released December 18, 2018

  • Resolved an issue with HLS streaming where the callback function for the onMetaData method did not execute when an ID3 tag was available in the stream. 

1.1.14 build 8825 – released December 12, 2018

  • Enabled autoplay, a feature that was disabled in version 1.1.06. With the autoPlay configuration property set to true, Wowza Player plays content automatically if the browser supports it. If the browser doesn't support autoplay, Wowza Player falls back to manual playback controls. See Use autoplay with Wowza Player for more information.
  • To hide or show elements in the player user interface, added new configuration properties, uiShowSeekBaruiShowVolumeControluiShowPlaybackControls. You can now hide the entire player user interface or any element of the user interface with a full set of UI configuration properties, including existing properties uiShowQuickRewinduiShowFullscreen, and uiShowBitrateSelector.
  • Added the ability to start live DVR playback from the oldest point instead of the live point by setting the new configuration property startAtLivePoint to false.
  • Added JavaScript API methods onPlaybackAttemptonPlaybackSuccess, and onPlaybackFailure that include event listeners to detect when Wowza Player attempts to play a source, when the attempt succeeds, and when the attempt fails.
  • Fixed an issue where HLS streams with failed playback would not fall back to WebSocket streams.
  • Removed overlay of exclamation point graphic over video when first playback fails and second succeeds.
  • Resolved an issue where keyboard controls for audio-only playback didn't work as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where the native iOS player wouldn't play source URLs from a sources array, including fallback functionality from ultra low latency WOWZ over WebSocket streams to HLS streams.

1.1.13 build 8693 – released November 6, 2018

  • Performed internal license administration updates.

1.1.12 build 8600 – released October 10, 2018

  • Added a feature for playback of redundant streams where Wowza Player switches between primary and backup chunklists in a redundant HLS stream if the primary stream fails.
  • Added an onChunklistURIChanged JavaScript API event listener to detect changes in the chunklist URI that is playing.
  • Fixed missing event.description field in onMetadata callback when playing on native iOS.
  • Fixed problem where some WOWZ over WebSocket streams originating in Wirecast would not start playback.
  • Fixed bug where WebSocket AMF event payload was dropped from onMetaData event if the payload consisted of AMFDataMixedArray.
  • Fixed an issue where audio-only streams were failing to play after bitrate switch.
  • Removed Wowza brand logo from audio-only player.
  • Fixed seek bar for DVR playback. Corrected issue where seek bar was not calculating correct seek time after chunks had dropped out of the DVR window.

1.1.11 build 5235 – released June 29, 2018

  • Fixed problem with WebSocket streaming where AMF data events were not triggered for listeners.

1.1.10 build 5108 – released May 9, 2018

  • Fixed probem where DVR would incorrectly resume from live point.
  • Implemented new adaptive-bitrate algorithm that performs better down-shifting in bad network conditions.
  • Added property abrUseNeuralNetwork to use old adaptive-bitrate switching logic. Defaults to false.
  • Added logging to show which adaptive-bitrate algorithm is being used.
  • Fixed throughput calculation used in adaptive-bitrate algorithm.
  • Fixed bug where rebuffering elapsed time was always calculated at zero.
  • Fixed exception thrown when ID3 metadata was malformed.

1.1.09 build 5040 – released February 28, 2018

  • Fixed the corrupted wowzaplayer.png file.

1.1.08 build 5032 – released January 24, 2018

  • Fixed an issue with playback not starting or stalling when the stream has duplicate audio packets. Set the removeDuplicateTimecodes property to true to turn on the check.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused data events to be purged so quickly that the listeners missed them.

1.1.07 build 5018 – released October 20, 2017

  • Fixed playback issues when using Wowza Player in the latest versions of the Internet Explorer and Edge browsers.

1.1.06 build 5011 – released October 6, 2017

  • Fixed playback issues when using Wowza Player in the Safari 11 browser.
  • Disabled the autoplay feature in Wowza Player on all platforms to prevent playback issues in browsers that are changing their autoplay policies. 
  • Fixed an issue with font decoding.
  • Fixed issues with the audio player user interface when playing, pausing, stopping, and resuming playback of the stream.
  • Fixed an issue with character encoding in the stream title and description.

1.1.04 build 4934 

  • Fixed an InvalidState exception that prevented playback on Internet Explorer.

1.1.03 build 4930 

  • Fixed a problem in the data track that sometimes caused data events to be missed and the 'Cannot read property getTime() of undefined' exception to be thrown.
  • Added a workaround for Safari 10.1.2, which introduced a bug that caused playback to stall at the first frame and never continue.

1.1.02 build 4848 

  • Fixed a problem that caused the sourceURL to change from http: to file: if Wowza Player was loaded in the browser with the file: protocol.

1.1.01 build 4741

  • Improved the logic used to trim the buffer between chunks. In rare cases, the logic in previous versions could prevent VOD assets from playing if they had an I-frame and a P-frame at the beginning of a chunk with the same time.
  • Fixed an issue with CSS that caused the adaptive-bitrate controller to display white text on a white background.

1.1.0 build 4655

  • Removed Wowza Media Systems branding and changed to a neutral color scheme.
  • Added JavaScript API event listeners for onPlay, onPause, onResume, onStop, onCompleted, and onSeek events.
  • Replaced pause/resume functionality with stop/play for live playback. Now, playback resumes from the live playhead time rather than the playhead time when the live stream was stopped.

1.0.10 build 4565

  • Fixed problem that sometimes caused the player to go into buffering mode and not continue playing the video.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented adaptive bitrate (ABR) renditions from updating after a load balancing redirect.

1.0.09 build 4538

  • Fixed display issue with end poster time frame.
  • Other bug fixes.

1.0.08 build 4514

  • Improved Javascript API support on iOS devices.
  • Fixed start-playback issues on recent versions of Firefox.
  • Fixed "invalid state" errors when calling pause() through the API on completed streams.
  • Switched IE11 to use the Javascript player by default.

1.0.07 build 4414

  • Fixed playback issues in Android Chrome 56.

1.0.06 build 4395

  • Fixed problem detecting redirects when asset filenames start with numbers.

1.0.05 build 4378

  • Fixed problem where first three seconds of live would sometimes repeat.
  • Fixed problem where first three seconds of VOD would sometimes repeat

1.0.04 build 4360

  • WSE Load Balancer support
  • Fixed problem with multi-slice video playback (Green screen) on OSX Safari
  • Fixed a seek bar problem on DVR streams after pausing and resuming playback
  • Fixed problem with three-byte NAL delimiters (Green screen) on OSX Safari

1.0.03 build 4209

  • Fixed problem with low latency streams where chunks are skipped due to inability to keep up. Chunk times were incorrectly reset back to time 0, overwriting previous data
  • Fixed possible exceptions in player model code
  • Added warning message if live chunklists contain less than 8 seconds of data after they have had time to fill.
  • Fixed Flash player not responding to ID3 (Metadata) events.
  • Fixed JS API onBitrateChanged events not firing when autoPlay:true.

1.0.02 build 4126

  • Changed default bufferTimeFill from 15 to 35 seconds to reduce buffering in bad network conditions.
  • Configured IE11 to run the Flash player instead of the Javascript player.
  • Enhanced chunk download logging to include download and parse times.

1.0.01 build 3962

  • Fixed issue on Android where player would hang in a Buffering state.

1.0.00 build 3901

  • Improved checking for non-playable streams
  • Added icon in title bar when there is a description
  • Fixed playback issues around gaps in audio packets
  • Fixed playback issues when initial chunk has audio lagging video by at least a keyframe
  • Fixed loader problems when player is loaded from an external script.
  • Fixed problems when codec changes between chunks.
  • Fixed Flash Javascript API event callback parameters.