Latest Wowza Player updates

Wowza Media Systems™ provides Wowza Player™ software updates that have bug fixes as well as new features and functionality. 

Note: The most recent version of Wowza Player is used by default, but it is possible to specify and use an earlier version. For more information, see How to use a specific version of Wowza Player.

Latest version of Wowza Player

The latest version is Wowza Player 1.1.11 build 5235 released on June 29, 2018.

Changes (since 1.1.10)

  • Fixed problem with WebSocket streaming where AMF data events were not triggered for listeners.

Earlier versions of Wowza Player

1.1.10 build 5108 (Changes since 1.1.09)

  • Fixed probem where DVR would incorrectly resume from live point.
  • Implemented new adaptive-bitrate algorithm that performs better down-shifting in bad network conditions.
  • Added property abrUseNeuralNetwork to use old adaptive-bitrate switching logic. Defaults to false.
  • Added logging to show which adaptive-bitrate algorithm is being used.
  • Fixed throughput calculation used in adaptive-bitrate algorithm.
  • Fixed bug where rebuffering elapsed time was always calculated at zero.
  • Fixed exception thrown when ID3 metadata was malformed.

1.1.09 build 5040 (Changes since 1.1.08)

  • Fixed the corrupted wowzaplayer.png file.

1.1.08 build 5032 (Changes since 1.1.07)

  • Fixed an issue with playback not starting or stalling when the stream has duplicate audio packets. Set the removeDuplicateTimecodes property to true to turn on the check.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused data events to be purged so quickly that the listeners missed them.

1.1.07 build 5018 (Changes since 1.1.06)

  • Fixed playback issues when using Wowza Player in the latest versions of the Internet Explorer and Edge browsers.

1.1.06 build 5011 (Changes since 1.1.04)

  • Fixed playback issues when using Wowza Player in the Safari 11 browser.
  • Disabled the autoplay feature in Wowza Player on all platforms to prevent playback issues in browsers that are changing their autoplay policies. 
  • Fixed an issue with font decoding.
  • Fixed issues with the audio player user interface when playing, pausing, stopping, and resuming playback of the stream.
  • Fixed an issue with character encoding in the stream title and description.

1.1.04 build 4934 (Changes since 1.1.03)

  • Fixed an InvalidState exception that prevented playback on Internet Explorer.

1.1.03 build 4930 (Changes since 1.1.02)

  • Fixed a problem in the data track that sometimes caused data events to be missed and the 'Cannot read property getTime() of undefined' exception to be thrown.
  • Added a workaround for Safari 10.1.2, which introduced a bug that caused playback to stall at the first frame and never continue.

1.1.02 build 4848 (Changes since 1.1.01)

  • Fixed a problem that caused the sourceURL to change from http: to file: if Wowza Player was loaded in the browser with the file: protocol.

1.1.01 build 4741 (Changes since 1.1.10)

  • Improved the logic used to trim the buffer between chunks. In rare cases, the logic in previous versions could prevent VOD assets from playing if they had an I-frame and a P-frame at the beginning of a chunk with the same time.
  • Fixed an issue with CSS that caused the adaptive-bitrate controller to display white text on a white background.

1.1.0 build 4655 (Changes since 1.0.10)

  • Removed Wowza Media Systems branding and changed to a neutral color scheme.
  • Added JavaScript API event listeners for onPlay, onPause, onResume, onStop, onCompleted, and onSeek events.
  • Replaced pause/resume functionality with stop/play for live playback. Now, playback resumes from the live playhead time rather than the playhead time when the live stream was stopped.

1.0.10 build 4565 (changes since 1.0.09)

  • Fixed problem that sometimes caused the player to go into buffering mode and not continue playing the video.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented adaptive bitrate (ABR) renditions from updating after a load balancing redirect.

1.0.09 build 4538 (changes since 1.0.08)

  • Fixed display issue with end poster time frame.
  • Other bug fixes.

1.0.08 build 4514 (changes since 1.0.07)

  • Improved Javascript API support on iOS devices.
  • Fixed start-playback issues on recent versions of Firefox.
  • Fixed "invalid state" errors when calling pause() through the API on completed streams.
  • Switched IE11 to use the Javascript player by default.

1.0.07 build 4414 (changes since 1.0.06)

  • Fixed playback issues in Android Chrome 56.

1.0.06 build 4395 (changes since 1.0.05)

  • Fixed problem detecting redirects when asset filenames start with numbers.

1.0.05 build 4378 (changes since 1.0.04)

  • Fixed problem where first three seconds of live would sometimes repeat.
  • Fixed problem where first three seconds of VOD would sometimes repeat

1.0.04 build 4360 (changes since 1.0.03)

  • WSE Load Balancer support
  • Fixed problem with multi-slice video playback (Green screen) on OSX Safari
  • Fixed a seek bar problem on DVR streams after pausing and resuming playback
  • Fixed problem with three-byte NAL delimiters (Green screen) on OSX Safari

1.0.03 build 4209 (changes since 1.0.02)

  • Fixed problem with low latency streams where chunks are skipped due to inability to keep up. Chunk times were incorrectly reset back to time 0, overwriting previous data
  • Fixed possible exceptions in player model code
  • Added warning message if live chunklists contain less than 8 seconds of data after they have had time to fill.
  • Fixed Flash player not responding to ID3 (Metadata) events.
  • Fixed JS API onBitrateChanged events not firing when autoPlay:true.

1.0.02 build 4126 (changes since 1.0.01)

  • Changed default bufferTimeFill from 15 to 35 seconds to reduce buffering in bad network conditions.
  • Configured IE11 to run the Flash player instead of the Javascript player.
  • Enhanced chunk download logging to include download and parse times.

1.0.01 build 3962 (changes since 1.0.0)

  • Fixed issue on Android where player would hang in a Buffering state.

1.0.00 build 3901

  • Improved checking for non-playable streams
  • Added icon in title bar when there is a description
  • Fixed playback issues around gaps in audio packets
  • Fixed playback issues when initial chunk has audio lagging video by at least a keyframe
  • Fixed loader problems when player is loaded from an external script.
  • Fixed problems when codec changes between chunks.
  • Fixed Flash Javascript API event callback parameters.