Manage IP allowlisting for ultra low latency streams in Wowza Streaming Cloud

The technology powering Ultra-Low Latency (ULL) streams will be disabled soon. Learn more about our Real-Time Streaming at Scale solution as a new alternative.

Learn how to use the Wowza Streaming Cloud™ user interface to limit sources that can connect to an ultra low latency stream. Limiting source connections through an IP allowlist ensures that only trusted sources can connect to an ultra low latency target's ingest origin server, preventing unauthorized sources from connecting to and altering your stream. IP allowlisting is limited to ultra low latency push connections, where a source pushes the stream to Wowza Streaming Cloud.

Add an ultra low latency target

To get started with IP allowlisting, add an ultra low latency stream target.

  1. Click Advanced on the menu bar, and then click Stream Targets.
  2. Click Add Target, select Wowza CDN - Ultra Low Latency, and then click Add.
  3. On the Create an ultra low latency target page, specify the following:
    • Target Name – A short, descriptive identifier for the target that differentiates it from other targets in Wowza Streaming Cloud. A Target Name is required, doesn't have to be unique, and can't exceed 255 characters.
    • Source Delivery Method – Select Push for the source to push the stream to the target. IP allowlisting is not available for targets with a Source Delivery Method of Pull.
    • HLS Playback Stream – (Optional) Select Enable HLS Fallback Stream to create an HLS playback URL that can be used to view the stream on mobile devices or to provide redundancy in the event that WebSocket connection attempts fail.
    • Enabled? – Select Enable this target to allow the source stream to be immediately ingested by the target's origin server. 
    • IP Allowlist – Enter a list of trusted IPv4 IP addresses for the ultra low latency stream's source. Only sources with allowed IP addresses can connect to the target's origin server. Wildcard (*) characters are supported for the final value in the IP address only. Enter one IP address per line using dot-decimal notation.
  4. Click Add.

Wowza Streaming Cloud generates an ultra low latency target and displays the target detail page, which shows the target's Connection Code and Primary URL, which you can use to connect the source to the target. It also shows IP addresses that are allowed under Ingest IP Allowlist.

Configure the source

Set up your video source to send an ultra low latency stream to Wowza Streaming Cloud. Ensure that you are using an IP address that is included in the allowed IP addresses for your ultra low latency stream target.

See these articles for more information:

Test the connection

  1. Start the video source.
  2. Use Wowza Player Builder for Ultra Low Latency to preview your stream. See Configure Wowza Player for Wowza Streaming Cloud ultra low latency streams for instructions.

Configure secure playback

To increase security on the playback side, see Manage secure playback in Wowza Player for Wowza Streaming Cloud ultra low latency streams.