The MediaDS™ (media distribution system) is a real-time media encoding and live streaming video delivery platform that integrates live production technology from NewTek with live streaming software and services from Wowza Media Systems™ in a rack unit. The integrated production system establishes a direct link between producers who create video content and viewers that consume it.

Fully equipped for existing and emerging SDI, IP, and hybrid workflows, the MediaDS delivers processing of up to four channels of video. Streaming sources are acquired through direct, physical input using 3G/HD/SD-SDI hardware connections, over IP with NewTek's Network Device Interface (NDI) technology, and from other sources, including TCP/IP, webcams, and USB capture devices. Local input sources are also automatically translated to NDI within the system, enabling streaming sources to be delivered and deployed through multiple MediaDS rack units to maximize resources, performance, and delivery potential. The MediaDS lets you to launch your own multi-channel content networks and deliver video from a production either to the viewer directly with Wowza Streaming Engine live streaming software or through the cloud with the Wowza Streaming Cloud live streaming service.

 Download the MediaDS technical specification

Purchasing the MediaDS

To purchase or learn more about the MediaDS, see the MediaDS solutions webpage and complete the Discuss it with an expert form.

Getting help with MediaDS

1. Look for an answer in the NewTek and Wowza forums

You can get help from MediaDS experts around the world in NewTek and Wowza forums.

2. Get Technical Support from NewTek

Sometimes you need a helping hand. NewTek technical support engineers around the world are available to help you achieve streaming success with MediaDS. If you need help, contact NewTek Professional Services.