Real-Time Stream Details page in Wowza Streaming Cloud

This article introduces the different parts of the Real-Time Stream Details page to help you find your way around the Wowza Streaming Cloud user interface.

The Real-Time Stream Details page displays the following details of your stream source:

  • Name – A user assigned name.
  • RTMP URL – A URL to configure an RTMP encoder as the source.
  • Stream Name – The name Wowza Streaming Cloud automatically assigns to the stream when it is created.
  • Publish Token – The authentication token you pass to the SDK.
  • Playback Security Enabled  – Indicates that a Playback Token was generated for your real-time stream.
  • Playback Token  – A token that must be passed by viewers for playback.
  • Playback Token Expiration – The date and time the Playback Token expires.