Wowza ClearCaster 1.0.4 release notes

Version: Wowza ClearCaster™ 1.0.4 build 23 released on October 4, 2018.

Note: See Update Wowza ClearCaster Software to learn how to update your ClearCaster device to the latest software version.

New features and functionality in Wowza ClearCaster 1.0.4

Wowza ClearCaster includes several enhancements and bug fixes.

Beta features out of preview

Support for adding titling and graphics  to Facebook Live broadcasts

With Wowza Clearcaster and later, titling and graphics is fully supported. This was previously a beta feature. When configuring Wowza ClearCaster broadcasts to Facebook Live in Wowza ClearCaster Manager, you can add browser-based graphics overlays to the broadcasts. When using this feature, the video source is encoded, and then the graphics overlays are superimposed on top of the video. This ensures that even if something happens to your graphics application during a broadcast, the video stream will continue without interruption. We are most closely integrated with Vidpresso:LIVE, but you can also configure a broadcast to use other graphics applications as long as they output a URL. For more information, see Add titling and graphics to a Wowza ClearCaster broadcast.

High-motion video

Wowza ClearCaster fully supports high-motion video at 60 frames per second (fps). This was previously a beta feature. For more information, see Stream Wowza ClearCaster high-motion video.

Enhanced bitrate reporting

Wowza ClearCaster includes improvements to the bitrate statistics reported for Live and Preview broadcasts. For more information, see Monitor Wowza ClearCaster live stream health.

Wowza ClearCaster 1.0.4 updates to the encoder software

The following changes were released in Wowza ClearCaster 1.0.4 build 23 ( on October 4, 2018.

Changes (since

  • Added validation for IPv4 addresses entered from the LCD screen to ensure that now triplet exceeds 255. If the number entered is great than 255, it's not updated.
  • Removed comments and reactions from the system monitoring data because of Kibana collection limits.
  • Added a simple operation at startup that updates the capture card firmware if necessary.
  • Added a delay in prepareStream to allow time to recognize capture settings before continuing to set up the encoding. This fixes a problem with broadcasting 1080p60 sources as 1080p30 broadcasts.
  • Updated Wowza Transcoder to use x.264 for 1080p60 sources if the hardware version is 1.1 or greater.
  • Removed VAAPI B-frames because there was a bug in the VAAPI driver that caused low bitrate and quality when B-frames were enabled.
  • Fixed a problem with redundancy that caused any encoder that was restarted to use the broadcast URL rather than the live_encoder API URL.

Changes (since

  • Added support for the Vidpresso:LIVE API.
  • Connected the Vidpresso remote API calls to set a broadcast ID.
  • Improved the way ClearCasters handle interlaced frames.
  • Added a progress bar to be displayed on the LCD screen during an update.
  • Improved the update progress bar so that it now includes any necessary additional steps and pauses for clarity.
  • Added the update progress bar view to the Talent View display.
  • Fixed the encoder so that if it's interrupted mid-stream, the LIVE timer will pick up where it left off before the interruption.
  • Added the ability for Blackmagic transcoders capture to set the frame size for a frame that is generated when no source is connected.
  • Added the ability to track the frame size of the last captured frame, including any scaling applied because of target frame size or "no-source" frames being scaled.
  • Configured the default frame size for "no-source" frames to be 1920x1080.
  • Updated the simulcast start/stop logging to include the name of the simulcast target.
  • Added support for vertical video aspect ratios that are rotated left or right.
  • Fixed an issue with the Go Live where the encoder was not fetching the encoding settings when the state machine switched from capture to live.
  • Improved the countdown timer.
  • Improved the color conversion from BT 709 YUV to RGB on the Talent View.
  • Fixed osupdate updates.
  • Enabled manual editing of two DNS servers in the LCD Settings > Network Info menu.
  • Added a Workplace by Facebook 'personality' to the ClearCaster and LCD settings.
  • Updated how we handle timecodes to increase accuracy and improve reliability for scheduled broadcasts.

Wowza ClearCaster 1.0.4 updates to ClearCaster Manager

The following changes to Wowza ClearCaster Manager were released on or before November 12, 2018.


  • Fixed an issue that caused cross-posted broadcasts to appear incorrectly in the list of broadcasts.
  • Removed beta tags from the high-motion video (60fps) and titling and graphics features.
  • Enhanced the stream health monitoring bitrate statistics.
  • Enacted limited editing of broadcasts created from to prevent any breaking changes to these broadcasts.
  • Miscellaneous other bug fixes.
  • Enabled previews of streams attached to the redundant ClearCaster devices associated with broadcasts.
  • Updated broadcast monitoring to include stream health metrics from Facebook.
  • Other minor changes and bug fixes.
  • Updated the device information and options displayed on the ClearCasters page, including removing the option to Go Live and End Broadcasts from here. Instead, if a ClearCaster is associated with a broadcast, a link to the broadcast is provided.
  • Added several new options to the Facebook Live broadcast workflow: redundancy, aspect ratios, tags, donate, and overlays/Vidpresso integration.
  • Added support for using a ClearCaster to broadcast to Workplace by Facebook.
  • Added an option to enable simulcast targets to start simulcasting to Wowza Streaming Cloud while the Facebook Live broadcast is still in preview. 

Known issues associated with Wowza ClearCaster 1.0.4

Incorrect link provided to pair with Workplace by Facebook in the Talent View

If you're using an encoder build earlier than Wowza ClearCaster, the link and instructions provided on the Talent View for pairing your device with Facebook or Workplace will always link to If you're trying to pair with a Workplace account, you must navigate to For more information about pairing with Facebook and Workplace, see Pair Wowza ClearCaster with Facebook