Schedule a Wowza ClearCaster live broadcast

 Scheduling your Wowza ClearCaster™ live stream makes it easier to build anticipation and buzz with your Facebook viewers before your broadcast begins, so you can start strong with an audience already assembled. This article explains how to schedule your Wowza ClearCaster broadcasts for Facebook Live.

  1. Follow the instructions in Go live with a Wowza ClearCaster broadcast from Facebook to create a live stream, with the following exceptions:
    • Important! Don't configure the ClearCaster as a Paired Encoder until you're ready to go live. A ClearCaster can only be associated with a single broadcast at a time. If it's already associated with a scheduled broadcast, it can't be used for any other broadcasts during that time.
    • When you're ready to go live with your stream, click Schedule instead of Go Live.
    Note: The scheduling option is only available for broadcasts created on If you create a broadcast in Wowza ClearCaster Manager in either Facebook mode or universal mode, you can't schedule it to go live at a specific time.
  2. Fill out the details in the Schedule Live dialog box to schedule the live stream to start between 10 minutes and 7 days from the current date and time. You can also upload a Custom image to be displayed in the News Feed announcement. Then click Schedule.
     When you schedule your live stream, an announcement is posted to your News Feed to let your Facebook viewers know that the broadcast is coming. Viewers who see the post can choose to get a reminder notification that will alert them shortly before the broadcast starts. Three minutes before the broadcast, they can join a lobby to connect and interact with other viewers.

    After you've scheduled your live stream you can share a link to the broadcast, and if the audience for the broadcast is public, embed the video in webpages.

    If you want to change the details of your scheduled live stream, open the scheduled broadcast in your Facebook Video Library. You can update the live stream description, and if you're streaming from your Timeline, you can change who can watch it.
  3. About 10 minutes before you're scheduled to go live, select the option to use a Paired Encoder.
    Then on the Settings tab, in the Paired Encoders list, select the ClearCaster that you'll use to deliver the live stream.
    After you select the ClearCaster in the Paired Encoders list, you can preview the video in the Talent View monitor connected to the ClearCaster or on the Facebook Live webpage. It may take a few seconds before the preview video is created.
  4. Your broadcast will automatically go live at the scheduled time, or you can manually start it at any time by clicking Go Live