Wowza ClearCaster Release Notes

Wowza™ Media Systems provides Wowza ClearCaster™ software updates that have new features and functionality as well as bug fixes. This article describes known issues with the software and provides details about the latest software updates.

Note: See Update Wowza ClearCaster Software to learn how to update your ClearCaster device to the latest software version.


Known Issues
Latest version of Wowza ClearCaster
Earlier versions of Wowza ClearCaster

Known Issues

There are no known issues to document at this time.

Latest version of Wowza ClearCaster

The latest version is Wowza ClearCaster 1.0.1 build 15 ( released on November 30, 2017.

Note: You may receive two update notifications, and must install two updates, in order to upgrade your ClearCaster to version The first update installs software that enables the second update (which includes the new features, enhancements, and bug fixes described below) to be installed.

Changes (since

  • Added user-selectable Talent View layouts that show or hide comments
  • Added ability to ClearCaster LCD and Remote Admin ( to adjust countdown clock increments
  • Added support to ClearCaster LCD and Remote Admin for displaying input/output video resolution and frame rate
  • Added ability to ClearCaster LCD to adjust audio levels
  • Enabled ClearCaster to Facebook pairing on Remote Admin without pairing code
  • Enabled view on Remote Admin that shows ClearCasters paired with Facebook that aren't owned by the user
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes:
    • Fixed emojis display on Talent View
    • Added ability to ClearCaster LCD to cancel stream before countdown ends
    • Changed Broadcast Status light on ClearCaster front panel to only illuminate when the video is Live (not in Preview)
    • Fixed network timeout issue where network didn't time out after 90 seconds
    • Fixed issue where live video ended 5 seconds early
    • Fixed issue that prevented ClearCaster from recovering after network loss
    • Improved ClearCaster registration experience

Known issues in this version

  • If you change the video signal format for the video source connected to the ClearCaster device from YUV to RGB without changing the frame size, the ClearCaster may stop responding. This occurs because the memory that the ClearCaster allocates to store the YUV format isn't sufficient when switching to RGB. If you change the video signal from YUV to RGB, also change the frame size to avoid this issue. This issue will be fixed in a future software update.

Earlier versions of Wowza ClearCaster

  • Wowza ClearCaster is the first release of the software.

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