Wowza GoCoder SDK

The Wowza GoCoder™ SDK (software development kit) is a cross-platform, extensible API for capturing and streaming live audio and video in iOS and Android mobile apps. The SDK supports a wide range of iOS and Android devices as well as 4K video resolution and other customizable encoder settings.


Articles on setting up the SDK, as well as release notes and a FAQ:

Install GoCoder SDK for iOS

Release notes for iOS

Install GoCoder SDK for Android

Release notes for Android


Quick Start

Articles on how to build a basic app on each platform:

Build a basic app with GoCoder SDK for iOS

Build a basic app with GoCoder SDK for Android


Articles on how to code common app functionality with the SDK. For example, learn how to display the camera preview, control a device's camera and mic, configure a live stream broadcast, and more:

GoCoder SDK iOS examples

GoCoder SDK Android examples


Information about, and links to, the GoCoder SDK reference documentation, which is hosted on different websites:

GoCoder SDK Reference Documentation

More resources

GoCoder SDK product information