Wowza GoCoder SDK

The Wowza GoCoder™ Software Development Kit (SDK) simplifies mobile live streaming app development by offering a common, cross-platform, extensible API to capture and stream live video and audio. The SDK includes support for a wide range of iOS and Android devices as well as 4K video resolution and other customizable encoder settings.

This page provides links to documentation resources for the Wowza GoCoder developer community. Use the Java API examples and SDK documentation to help create custom live streaming mobile app solutions that can easily broadcast to Wowza Streaming Engine™ media servers and the Wowza Streaming Cloud™ live streaming service.

Wowza GoCoder SDK Developer Documentation

View the Wowza GoCoder SDK Documentation tutorials on installing and setting up the SDK as well as example code and API reference documentation for iOS and Android platforms.

Wowza GoCoder SDK Product Information

See our Wowza GoCoder App and SDK webpage for technical specifications and to view our mobile streaming app Tech Guide.

Wowza GoCoder SDK Support Forum

Visit the Wowza GoCoder SDK Support Forum to get expert help from the Wowza developer support team and community. However, it may help to read the FAQ before posting.

Wowza GoCoder SDK Release Notes

See the release notes for iOS and Android versions of the GoCoder SDK.