Wowza Media Server Getting Started page

This article describes how the Getting Started webpage works. The Getting Started webpage opens when you launch Wowza Media Server™ software (version 3.5 or later) from the Windows Start menu.

The Getting Started webpage can help you to get up-and-running quickly by playing a sample video from your Wowza Media Server installation. It also provides helpful links to tutorials and documentation. You can also use the links below the video player to play the sample video on a mobile device.

When the webpage appears, click Start and the video will start playing. This webpage is hosted on, but you should be aware that the video is actually playing from your locally installed instance of Wowza Media Server. The following diagram describes the workflow of the webpage and the video stream.


Note: If the video doesn't play, make sure that the vod application in your Wowza Media Server installation is set up properly by reviewing our tutorial, How to set up video on demand streaming.