Wowza Streaming Cloud broadcast location features and addresses

The availability of billing and transcoding features varies at different broadcast locations in the Wowza Streaming Cloud™ service. This article outlines which billing and transcoding features are available in which broadcast locations, and it provides pingable IP addresses for connecting CDN sources to Wowza Streaming Cloud.

Note: Your subscription plan must support passthrough streaming and/or 24x7 billing in order to use those features.

Features by broadcast location

Adaptive bitrate (ABR) transcoding, passthrough streaming, 4K streaming, pay-as-you-go billing, and 24x7 billing are available in the following locations.
ABR transcoding
Passthrough streaming
Pay-as-you-go billing
24x7 billing
4K streaming
Asia Pacific (Australia) No No
Asia Pacific (India) No No No
Asia Pacific (Japan) No No
Asia Pacific (Singapore) No No
Asia Pacific (South Korea) No No
Asia Pacific (Taiwan) No
EU (Belgium) No
EU (Germany) No No
EU (Ireland) No No
South America (Brazil) No No
US Central (Iowa) No
US East (South Carolina) No
US East (Virginia) No No
US West (California) No No
US West (Oregon) No No

Broadcast location IP addresses

The IP addresses of Wowza Streaming Cloud transcoding servers are dynamic. Playback URLs to Wowza Streaming Cloud resolve differently depending on where you're connecting from and the current load on our resources; our load balancer gives each stream the shortest connection to the closest available server.

If, however, you need a pingable IP address to connect from your own CDN source to Wowza Streaming Cloud, use the following addresses.
IP address
Asia Pacific (Australia)
Asia Pacific (India)
Asia Pacific (Japan)
Asia Pacific (Singapore)
Asia Pacific (South Korea)
Asia Pacific (Taiwan)
EU (Belgium)
EU (Germany)
EU (Ireland)
South America (Brazil)
US Central (Iowa)
US East (South Carolina)
US East (Virginia)
US West (California)
US West (Oregon)