Player comparison and browser support in Wowza Streaming Cloud

The Wowza Streaming Cloud™ service allows you to choose between two players for viewing live streams: the original HTML5 player and Wowza Player™. The player is used on the Wowza Streaming Cloud hosted webpage or can be embedded on an external website. This article explains core differences between player options, helping you make an informed decision of which one to use. It also shows which technology each player uses to play streams in common browsers on the desktop and on mobile devices.

You choose the player on the Playback Settings page when you add a live stream. You can change the player after the live stream is created.

Note: Both players can be embedded on a Wowza Streaming Cloud hosted page or on a third-party webpage, but only one player can be embedded per page. In other words, you can embed either the Original HTML5 player or the Wowza Player on a webpage, but you can't embed both on the same page.

Feature difference between players

Features are similar for Wowza Player and the original HTML5 player when used in the Wowza Streaming Cloud live stream workflow, however, closed captions are supported in the original HTML5 player only. 

The Closed Captions option is specified on the Video Source and Transcoder Settings page of the live stream wizard.


Browser support

Playback on older browsers or browsers not listed here is not ensured.

Original HTML5 player

iOS 8+
Android 4.0+
Internet Explorer 10+ HTML5 N/A N/A
Internet Explorer 8, 9 Flash N/A N/A
Safari desktop HTML5 N/A N/A
Safari mobile N/A HLS N/A

Wowza Player

iOS 8+
Android 4.0+
Firefox** HTML5 HTML5 HTML5
Internet Explorer 11 HTML5* N/A N/A
Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 Flash N/A N/A
Microsoft Edge HTML5 N/A N/A
Safari 7.0+ HTML5 N/A N/A
Safari mobile N/A HTML5 N/A

*Internet Explorer 11 on Windows versions 8.1 and later uses HTML5 for Wowza Player. Internet Explorer 11 on earlier versions of Windows falls back to Flash for Wowza Player.

**Wowza Player hasn't been tested with Firefox Quantum.

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