Wowza Streaming Cloud REST API server response caching

The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) allows for storing responses in a cache where the response data can be retrieved when specific API requests are made. Retrieving the response data from the cache, rather than going through the entire request process, can reduce bandwidth, latency, and the load on servers.

Some Wowza Streaming Cloud REST API endpoints return a cached response if you make a duplicate GET request to the endpoint within a specified period of time. We recommend you make requests to these endpoints no more frequently than the specified cache time, since the data returned will be unchanged.

The following table shows specific endpoints and the amount of time responses are cached for GET requests to that endpoint.

Endpoint Cache time (seconds)
/live_streams/state 1
/stream_targets/ull/started 1
/transcoders/state 1
/live_streams/stats 5
/metrics/* 5
/transcoders/stats 5
/live_streams 30
/recordings 30
/schedules 30
/stream_sources 30
/stream_targets 30
/transcoders 30
/usage/* 60

* Cache time applies to GET requests for all endpoints within the resource