Wowza Streaming Cloud User Guide

The Wowza Streaming Cloud™ service lets you easily stream live video to any device, scaling automatically to accommodate audiences of any size, anywhere. Wowza Streaming Cloud accepts video from nearly any H.264 encoder or IP camera and transcodes the video in the cloud to create and deliver high-quality streams in multiple bitrates that can be played on virtually any device. You don’t have to purchase or maintain hardware, or install or run software locally. You pay only for the resources you use, and broadcast to audiences large or small, any time.

Using a simple, browser-based interface, tell Wowza Streaming Cloud what you're using to capture and encode your video and specify your playback options, then let Wowza Streaming Cloud do the rest of the work. Wowza Streaming Cloud provides you with the information you need to connect with your source encoder and for your viewers to watch the stream, and then it performs adaptive-bitrate transcoding on the stream by using the robust, reliable technology you’ve come to expect from Wowza.

In addition, advanced settings let you create custom transcoding workflows, receive live streams into selected Wowza Streaming Cloud content delivery network (CDN) sources, and deliver streams to multiple RTMP target destinations, offering the control and scalability required for large-scale, professional deployments. The capability to schedule and record streams provides additional flexibility and functionality for your streaming workflows.


Create and manage live streams
Create and manage transcoders
Add and manage stream sources
Add and manage stream targets
Record live streams and transcoders
Schedule live streams and transcoders
Monitor stream health
Track usage and activity
Get viewer data
Manage subscriptions