Wowza Video REST API limits

The REST API for the Wowza Video™ service is subject to request limits, which are explained in this article.

About Wowza Video REST API limits

Wowza Video REST API requests are subject to limits. Limits protect shared resources. API request limits are based on making resources available equitably and optimally for all customers.

The limits documented here are starting points for new API users. Limits can be increased by opening a Support ticket.

This guide might not cover all limits or might contain limits that don't apply to your Wowza Video subscription. Stated limits don't guarantee that the specified resource is available at its limit in all circumstances. For example, load, performance, and other system issues might prevent some limits from being reached. Limits are subject to change without notice. In addition, this guide doesn't include limits for:

  • Field lengths
  • Your Wowza Video subscription

REST API limits table

The following are the Wowza Video REST API limits for concurrent and total API requests and operations for new API users.

For information about limits specific to the Wowza Video free trial, see Trial limitations.

Note: Limits can be increased by opening a Support ticket.
Feature/Endpoint Request Limit
Connections 60 per minute from the same IP address
Live streams You can create up to 10 within 3 hours in the API and/or in the user interface. The limit applies to live streams because they automatically create stream targets. The limit doesn't apply to transcoders, because they don't create stream targets automatically.
Stream sources You can create up to 10 within 3 hours in the API and/or in the user interface.
Stream targets You can create up to 10 within 3 hours in the API and/or in the user interface.
Geo-blocking For any Wowza CDN on Fastly stream target, you can block or allowlist a total of up to about 22 locations and IP addresses, in any combination.

Exceeded REST API limits

When you exceed an API limit, Wowza Video REST API resources return a 409 "limit reached" error. 

Create a pool of resources

Note: A pool of resources isn't recommended for Wowza CDN on Fastly stream targets. You can request an increase to either of these limits by opening a Support ticket.

Particularly in high-volume production environments, we recommend that you manage API limits by creating a pool of resources, configured for your specific streaming needs, in advance. This way, you always have resources available when you need them. The time-based limits apply only to the number of new resources you can create within a three-hour period. You can create additional resources in the next three-hour window, and there's no limit to the total number of Wowza Video resources (live streams, transcoders, stream sources, and stream targets) that you can have provisioned and ready to use in your account.

For example, create 50 stream targets over the course of 15 hours during a period of downtime. Then, when you activate one, request another from the API at the same time. This allows you to tap a pool of ready-and-waiting resources on the fly while simultaneously replenishing the pool with a new resource, all without being restrained by the API's limits.

You can scale the size of your pool up or down as needed, depending on your usage. For example, instead of adding a new resource when you start using one, you might want to set minimum and maximum thresholds—when 80 percent of your pool is active, for example, start requesting that many more from the API. If you're only using 30 percent on a regular basis, delete some resources (but remember to allow time to re-create them if you need to do so later). This helps you avoid bumping up against limits when you're in a production crunch.

Request a limit increase

To request an increase on a limit, open a Support ticket.