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  1. Loosen up the Developer license a bit
  2. vod transcoding
  3. ability to set custom session values
  4. http streaming
  5. Frame Rate Transcoding
  6. Additional DVR Archiving Strategy
  7. p2p support
  8. Detections and SNMP
  9. onDisconnect sould not be fired if the client connection rejected.
  10. Accept SMIL files not on the wowza server
  11. Opus audio codec
  12. Confusing implementation of client.isConnected()
  13. JW6 & Resolution in Manifest
  14. Offer Video Chat, Video Recorder, and Text Chat Extensions
  15. Live HTTP origin
  16. RTMFP protocol submitted as an open standard
  17. user/pass or MAC adress allow only
  18. Make the Flash example using AS3 only
  19. Wowza Live Encoder
  20. GoCoder to Wowza Server encryption
  21. PiP and text/image overlay on the fly
  22. Load balancer issue
  23. HTTP restreaming