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  1. Per Application user/pwd
  2. ModuleMediaWriterFileMover
  3. DevLic suggestion
  4. The API should return JSON instead of plain HTML
  5. Support SecureToken on Test Players
  6. Log configuration
  7. A mistake in VHost.xml file where don't leave HTTProviders working
  8. Restart only the MediaCache
  9. Easier configuration of loadbalancing environments with dynamic streaming
  10. Modules throw error messages if they can't be loaded.
  11. Information in the engine manager outdated?
  12. Request/Suggestion: Reload configuration files on the fly with out restarting.
  13. Add random variable to URL for external AES
  14. Suggestion/Request: A restructure of Wowza'a directory Layout (vhosts spersific)
  15. Suggestion/Request: Warn for LAN IP when generating player config.
  16. Forum Suggestion: [GlowHost] Spam-O-Matic vBulletin Plugin.
  17. Avoid restart of application after whitelisting IPs
  18. automatic updates
  19. improve ModuleAnalytics
  20. HLS protocol selection in playlist
  21. livestream integration in Stream Targets
  22. Live to VOD clip extraction: support simultaneous extractions from a single dvr store
  23. a variable (Java) to identify the streams that have been published using an encoder
  24. serverinfo http provider
  25. youtube dash stream target
  26. Wowza Streaming Engine Manager, what we need in Monitoring.