• How to use a per application publish.password file

    By default, RTSP/RTP authentication (digest and basic) is controlled by a single password file located at [install-dir]/conf/publish.password. If you want to have a separate publish.password file per application, you can do this by doing the following:

    1. Edit [install-dir]/conf/Authentication.xml and change the passwordFile property for the basic and digest authentication methods as follows:
    2. Each time you setup an application create the file [install-dir]/conf/[application]/publish.password file to store the username and passwords for that application.

    For RTMP authentication (as in the MediaSecurity AddOn package), you need to add this property to the <Properties> level container at the bottom of [install-dir]/conf/[application]/Application.xml (be sure to get the correct <Properties> container - there are several in the file):


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